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My name is Esther Mercier and I was born in Canada, in Quebec. I have been living and working in the UK since 1994. I started teaching Languages in the north of Alberta (McLennan), then Airdrie, then I moved to the UK.
I teach French and German in Lancashire and taught a bit of Spanish years ago. I am an AST in MFL (Advanced skills teacher) in Lancashire. I've always found that ICT motivates pupils and teachers as well. I have delivered several insets on the use of ICT in the classroom and I also evaluate MFL websites and software. I have trained teachers in the use of various software in an MFL classroom and since 2003, I have been working on this website. My main interest is to create work that can be used in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard or with a projector. I work 4 days a week in a high school and I have one day to work on A Tantot.

Thank you to:
for their fantastic games.
for the monsters
Dan Bunker for the Big Red Calculator, the alien and the dice.
Chris for the technical part of the site. Sina and Rain for keeping me going!
My everyday inspectors and critics: my pupils of course
and to everybody who sent me comments, encouragement and feedback!
E. Mercier

www.mflextra.com and www.atantot-extra.co.uk (only for vocabulary) and www.atantot2.co.uk (variety of sites and activities using ICT)www.myform.co.uk (Citizenship / PHSE) www.twitter.com/atantot


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