click on the URL below and answer all questions in English in your exercise book. The site will open in an other window. To move from this window to the 'Les journaux' site, click on the link at the bottom of the screen.

1. A la Une! Find the main headline for each newspaper.
a. Le Soleil
b. La Presse
c. Le Monde
d. Le Figaro
e. Le Temps
f. L’Express
g. Le Soir
h. La Libre

2. Find the weather for the capital of these countries.
a. Canada (Ottawa)
b. France (Paris)
c. Suisse (Bern)
d. Belgique (Bruxelles)

3. Write 4 sport headlines.

4. What are the main films this week? Find the titles in French.

5. Find the section on ‘Voyage’ and list the main recommended countries to visit this year. Write the headlines or a comment / reason why.