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You can find the postal address on the subscription form.

I am also putting all quizzes under one button: 'quiz'.

I have added a lot of worksheets - they are all under 'to print' in each section.

Facebook and twitter: @atantot


All games and other links are now in the 'Useful links section'

Atantot-extra - new look and new activities.


Role-plays - Spanish - We will be adding quite a few role-plays in the KS3 and mainly KS4 sections in the next few weeks:

ks3 el colegio / ks4 el colegio / ks3/4 la comida / ks4 la salud / ks3 las descripciones / ks4 la familia /

ks3 el tiempo libre / ks4 el tiempo libre / ks4 las vacaciones / ks4 los medios / ks4 el trabajo / ks4 la ciudad.


Les films: I have made some quizzes and games for these French films: Tintin - le secret de la Licorne, Les choristes, les Ch'tis, le petit Nicolas et Belle et Sébastien - l'aventure continue.

Le Mali: a few games to go with 'Take Mali'.

KS4 - a few Couettes des temps: ks4 le collège and KS4 les vacances - I put them in the 'à imprimer' - activités/révision.

Les loisirs / la nourriture / l'environnement / la ville / la famille / les métiers


KS4 French - match-ups - la santé / la nourriture / la famille / les loisirs / les vacances / la ville / les médias / les courses


Parlez! - new speaking activities - read aloud and role-plays in the KS3 French section. Descriptions / Nourriture / Loisirs / Collège

in the KS4: famille / média / collège / vacances / santé / loisirs / jobs / célébrations / ville / environnement

Je peux! (KS4 grammaire et plus)



German resources: match ups: KS4 Die Schule ,

I added a few more resources in the KS4 environnement (match-up and worksheets) et KS4 le collège (match-up)

Quite a few match-ups in the KS4 sections - and more to come!


Photo card help: French, Spanish and German : go to the KS4 section and click on the button called: photo

Spanish mini sections are done in the KS3 section. Look for the button with the question!

A few more mini sections added - mainly in the ks3 Spanish section - they all have a question as button.

I added some 'Grammar torture' activities in the KS4 grammaire.

I have added 'La bataille navale' in all ks3 French sections - under > print > activités.

La batalla naval in the ks3 are on and Schiffe versenken are on too in the ks3 sections.

I am starting to add a few mini sections in the ks2/ks3 - here are the first ones:

Los animales


Los deportes

La familia

La ropa


Ma maison

I have added a lot of reading activities and writing practice papers in the KS4 German section. They are to be printed, so they are in the 'Zum Ausdrucken' sections. I also added some 'fill the gaps' in the shopping section.

I’m working on phonics… I’ve been doing lots of phonics with my year 7 and I now need to practice a mixture of sounds. Here is the 'le petit train' - I would practice the sound at the top first then ask them to fill the gaps. Once done they will need to read the text out loud to each other. I will try it out next week! I will add them to the site this weekend. You can find the first one here: les dates - I will make more this weekend - the sentences will not be too long but with 8 sounds each time.

I am adding the 'catapillars' in the ks2 sections this week: it is a translation activity for beginners. They need to colour the 2 sections to redo the sentences. Look under 'print'.

We have added lots of colour code reading activities in the French and Spanish sections - German ones to come soon.

This section is now done: Les règles au collège

I have just added 12 rainbow sentences activities (Print) in the KS3 French sections.

The rainbow sentences are done in the Spanish sections (KS3).

All KS3 sections have more worksheets - see 'to print' on the last page of each section.

I have redone and added a few more activities in 'Le Tour de France' section.

Each leisure section in the KS3 has football activities.

I have added some worksheets in the KS2 sections: French, Spanish and German. 10 of them in each topics.

Mandarin: the extra, numbers and songs have been redone.

I am also adding worksheets in the KS3 sections, more to come.

All 3 sections on Valentin are done: French, German and Spanish.

I am adding a lot of new worksheets - check out the 'to print' area in ks3 and ks4 for updates.


Over Christmas, I will be redoing the QCA section and the starters and plenaries.

I have redone and updated the Italian sections: ks2 and ks3 and the extra activities.

December 2020: I have now redone the KS3 German section. If you find any flash files, let me know!

October and November 2020:

The French KS3 section has been updated and I am half way through the KS3 Spanish - I am editing the last few flash files and adding more activities.

QCA - unit 10 and 11 are done, unit 13 is almost done.

September 2020:

The ks2 sections - French, German and Spanish have been updated and the flash files edited/changed. I have also added some half word activities, the 'say it again' and unjumble activities. All triangles activities in the KS2 sections are done.

August 2020:

KS4 la grammaire et le vocabulaire has been updated.

KS4 la gramática y vocabulario has been updated.

KS4 Grammatik is now redone and works on tablets. (no more flash!)

Les loisirs (KS4) , KS4 el tiempo libre and KS4 Die Freizeit have been updated.

July 2020:

Die Umwelt - redone.

El medio ambiente is (re)done.

L'environnement is now done with more activities.

I am redoing and adding to the Assessment section.

KS4 Einkaufen has been redone and more added.

Las compras - redone.

June 2020:

Les courses (KS4) has been updated.

El colegio (KS4) and le collège (KS4) and die Schule (KS4) have been updated.

Je suis une star is now redone - I will add a few more worksheets to it this week but all activities are now woking on tablets. No more flash.

May 2020

KS4 Los medios de comunicación, KS4 les médias (more activities added and flash files removed)

The number sections has been redone too: French 123, Spanish 123, German 123. I will do the Italian section next week.

Je suis une star! I am redoing this section this week: mes ambitions is almost done and I added quite a few worksheets.

I have redone all the French parallel translations (KS3) - they are now working on tablets.

KS4 la ciudad - redone and with a lot more activities.

KS4 Wohnort is all done.

KS4 la ville is being redone so that it works on tablets.

KS3 los colores: I added all the quizzes under the same button: QUIZ this is what I will do for all sections.

KS4 les vacances: I am working on this section this week. More to come.

KS4 Die Ferien has been updated and lots more added.

KS4 la famille has been updated and also KS4 la familia. KS4 Familie is also done.

KS4 la nourriture, la comida and Essen und trinken have been updated.

Pascua ks2: has been redone and I added a few worksheets. One more to come.

Pâques - ks2 is now done and has 3 new worksheets.

Ostern: is now done. + 3 worksheets.

Pasqua - new section!

New: Sweet translation: I have put the files in the 'TO PRINT' of the KS4 sections:

KS4 santé, KS4 Salud, KS4 Gesundheit. / KS4 métiers, KS4 trabajo, KS4 Berufe. KS4 vacances / KS4 vacaciones / KS4 Ferien. KS4 Famille, KS4 Familia, KS4 Familie.

KS4 nourriture, KS4 comida, KS4 essen. KS4 médias, KS4 Medien, KS4 medios. KS4 collège, KS4 Schule, KS4 colegio. KS4 loisirs, KS4 Freizeit, KS4 passatiempo.


All Noughts and crosses have been updated in the KS4 French section / KS4 Spanish section /


January 2020! Happy New year!

I am working on 2 sections this month: Ks3 Italian and redoing atantot-extra... big task!

Italian: done: I colori, le descrizioni, il corpo, In clase, le direzioni, i trasporti, la scuola and i passatempi.

to do: il cibo, la moda (to complete) gli alloggi and la grammatica.

Atantot-extra: French is done (I have linked it back to - it is easier for me to edit and change).

The old flash atantot-extra is still working but will be changed to this one at the end of February. Fingers crossed!

Under reconstruction!

Spanish - if you find typos please let meknow - we are now checking and rechecking but we might miss something!

German - only 4 sections not done: Penalty, fling, plank and snails. I am getting there...slowly!


December 2019

Les métiers, el trabajo, die Berufe - these sections will be updated in December!

November 2019

Die Gesundheit - a lot more activities (Spiele and quizzes) - more to come too.

La salud - quite a bit done - I will add the quizzes and more activities this weekend.

La santé (KS4) is (re) done - I added some translation activities on the 3rd page.

October 2019

A lot more in the 'Grammar' sections: French / German / Spanish

September 2019

KS3: Les logements, die Unterkunft, los alojamientos

August 2019

Les loisirs, el tiempo libre, die Freizeit, I passatempi

Le collège, El colegio, Die Schule, La scuola

Les transports, die Verkehrsmittel, el transporte, il transporto.

July 2019

This month I will be working on the sections: les directions, die Richtungen, las direcciones, le direzioni.

June 2019

This month, I will be redoing the sections: La classe, Im Klassenzimmer, En el aula, In classe.

I am also redoing the games in the French starters and plenaries.(NC, The eggs, Match, Wordsearch, hangman, Speedword ...)

May 2019

This month I am working on the FOOD in the KS3 section: la nourriture, das Essen, la comida, il cibo.

I have redone the hangman type of activities in the Starters/Plenaries: French

April 2019

I am working on the fashion sections this month: La mode / Die Mode / La moda / La moda (Italiano)

March 2019

German: KS3 Der Körper is (re)done!

Spanish: more activities in the KS3 el cuerpo section.

French: more activities in the KS3 Le corps.

February 2019

German writing clocks: Der Sportler / in, die Schule, die Ferien, die Freizeit und wo ich wohne.

German: I have added a few more games in the die Beschreibungen section.

Spanish writing clocks: mi colegio , las descripciones, el tiempo libre, las vacaciones, la ciudad.

I am working on Las descripciones - only the quizzes to add.

I have added a few more activities in the Les descriptions section.

I will be uploading the Spanish Writing clocks this week.

January 2019

I have added a few of my 'writing clocks' I have been using with my year 7 and 8 - to help them with their writing. When they get stuck with a section, they call the time in the target language!

Mon collège, Mon sportif préféré, Mes passe-temps , Mes vacances, Là où j'habite, and more to come!


More activities in the ks3 die Farben

More games and quizzes on Los colores.

I have added a lot of games and quizzes to KS3 les couleurs.

December 2018

Mandarin updates: ks2 greetings, the dates, the countries, me & my friends are done, I live, the colours, the age and revision.

ABC: French, German , Spanish , Italian

Christmas activities!

French / Spanish / German and I am doing the Italian this week... more to come in this section.

November 2018

KS2 ich möchte is done.

KS2 ich wohne is now done with new games on.

I will be adding the new noughts and crosses for the Mandarin sections in the next few weeks. Here are some samples: Numbers.

A new game is on: Egg splat. At the moment, there is only one: Die Familie. A lot more to come in the KS2 sections.

KS2 Familie ist done with more games and quizzes added. (and now works on tablets)

October 2018

KS2 die Kleidung is done.

KS2 Ich - is done with new games and quizzes.

I am working on the ks2 WANN - I have jsut added a few more gaems: quiz and Match and updated the files so that they work on tablets. More to come in this section.

KS2 : Die Welt, die Flagge, Europa and Wie geht's? are done and now working on tablets.

September 2018

L'Halloween: I am working on this section this week to make it tablet compatible. I have added 2 lists of vocab and a worksheet (French).

The 123fr section is almost done - I still have a few activities that require flash but most of them now work on tablets. I have added a few more games on page 3 (les jeux et quiz)

I have just added a few more games in the KS2 les dates section.

The section Quisiera, los animales and los deportes are done. La ropa is done too.

I have added a few games to ks2 la famille: match-up, shark and snails.

The section la familia (ks2) is now working on tablets - more games coming soon.

The section: Dónde vives is now working on tablets and there are 5 new games too.

5 new quizzes on LAS FECHAS.

I have started on the ks2 Spanish section - I am changing the NC / WS / MA and adding new quizzes and also trying to get rid of the small screen problem with some of the games.

I have rejuggled the lay out of some of the sections but all activities are still there. e.g. ks2 Las fechas.

Summer 2018

KS2 French is done and is now working on tablets. Again, there are still some activities to be edited and changed from flash to html5 but we are working on it.

The Italian sections KS2 and KS3 are almost completed so that they work on tablets. There are still a few flash based activities but we are working on it.


June 2018

I have finally updated the section on
Le foot 2018
Fußball 2018
El fútbol 2018

February / March 2018


SPANISH: Some role-plays: el medio ambiente / la ciudad / el colegio / la comida y la salud / las compras / la familia / los medios / el tiempo libre / el trabajo y las vacaciones.

FRENCH: A few role-plays on Les médias / L'environnement / Les courses / La famille et les amis / Les métiers / Le collège / Les loisirs / A l'hôtel et les vacances / la santé et la nourriture / La ville.

GERMAN: A few role-plays on Die Medien (Filme / Sendungen/ neue Technologien) / Familie und Freunde / Freizeit / Berufe / Schule / Umwelt / Im Hotel und die Ferien /

Gesundheit und Essen / die Stadt.

Vocab lists of Les métiers. (adjectifs / verbes / mots utiles / expressions utiles)

A hoola hoop activity on Les métiers: les avantages et les inconvénients (use 2 big hoola hoops and place them on the floor to make a venn diagram - then pupils decide if they are advantages, inconvenients or it depends (in the middle)). It works really well!

A few role-plays on Einkaufen. (Im Geschäft / in der Stadt (Bank/Post/Fundbüro) / Taschengeld / Essen und Trinken)

I have edited the Olympic activities - the drag and drops to match the winter olympics. See KS3 section: leisures.


January 2018

Here are a few new games for the section: Einkaufen

Fling the teacher: bestellen

Walk the plank: im Geschäft

Half a min: einkaufen (general)

Grade or no grade on Taschengeld.

November 2017

I have added a list of infinitive contructions with Zu in German.

I have finally uploaded all the Spanish hand outs... they are in KS4 Gramática section. If you find any mistakes, let me know.

Some more hand outs for the French grammar section: Le conditionnel

October 2017

Some grammar hand outs for German - the verbs - present / past / imperfect / modals / future and conditional.

September 2017

5 Vocab lists for KS4 Freizeit and a few more games.

A few more games in the KS4 Die Schule section.

Quite a few more vocab lists: 2 more simple vocab lists (mots utiles) for les médias (I used these with my year 8) and a list of useful words for La routine.

3 vocab lists for KS4 Die Schule.

4 vocab lists for KS4 Beruf.

11 vocab lists for KS4 Gesundheit!

3 vocab lists for KS4 einkaufen

3 vocab lists for KS4 essen und trinken

6 vocab lists for KS4 die Umwelt and one activity on die Verben

4 lists in the KS3 Unterkunft section.

4 lists in the KS3 Beschreibungen section.

August 2017

4 vocab lists and one activity in KS4 Les vacances.

6 vocab lists for KS4 L'environnement.

5 vocab lists for El medio ambiente. If you find any mistakes in the vocab lists, please let me know and I will edit them.

3 vocab lists for Las compras.

5 vocab lists for La salud.

5 Vocab lists for La ciudad.

Some more vocabulary lists and a few games in the KS4 La comida section.

KS4 los pasatiempos: Grade or no grade on hobbies and a few more vocab lists.

Mis padres y yo: list of sentences to help with writing or could be a cut and match

July 2017

I have updated the files on Le Tour de France.

KS3 Alojamientos: 2 vocabulary lists.

June 2017

More vocabulary lists: KS4 el tiempo libre and KS4 los medios and a few more games (hoop shoot / penalty / grade)

KS4 Wohnort: Mein Haus parallel translation

A reading on the directions in German.

A couple more things in the 'Le collège' section: vocab list for the uniform and the school rules / a parallel translation for the routine.

One more grammar sheet: le futur simple et le futur proche.

I will be adding some vocab sheets in the Les courses section (KS4): au marché, au magasin et les magasins.

One more info sheet: pouvoir,devoir,vouloir. (under présent)

This is a starter activity I am using with my y10; discutez!- I choose one question a week and we discuss for 5-10 minutes. They do not write anything, they give their opinions and comments.

One more activity in the KS4 Tiempo: fill in the gaps

May 2017

We have been really busy adding the sound to the KS4 Spanish sections, more to come today.

Also, here are some vocabulary lists for KS4 Las vacaciones.

April 2017

Sound added to:

KS4 La famille

KS4 el medio ambiente

March 2017

A few more activities in the KS2 Le café section - easy activities.

I am adding a few vocabulary sheets in the Les métiers section.

The sound has been added in les métiers (KS4)

La santé: Vocabulary lists added.

February 2017

I have added the sound to KS4 la santé and will add more vocab lists and reading this week.

Grade or no grade on Die Familie (difficult vocab)

Le fast-food (KS4 la nourriture) higher reading on fast-food - online activity and also the text to be printed.

Hoop shoot on le Fast-Food!

Grade or no grade on Les ustensiles in French.

Hoop Shoot: les questions (revise French question words)

Das Wetter: Walk the plank, Fling the teacher and Penalty Shootout (all in the KS2 section)


January 2017!

A few more vocab list in the KS4 la nourriture section.

El trabajo - sound added and a few things corrected!

A few more vocab lists and hand outs: Les sports - ks4 loisirs (imprimer)

A Table with the Possessive Adjectives: Grammaire KS4 (imprimer) and a list of expressions which demands the subjunctive (ks4 grammaire - imprimer)

December 2016

Listening activity: le vélo (KS4 loisirs)

Réponse Passe-Partout: I am trying to make up some 'fit all' answers to help my year 10 French with their speaking/writing exams. It is a kind of template for them to adapt and use for different topics. I have made 3: la nourriture / une personne / les loisirs. (I will add them to 'à imprimer' in each KS4 section)

Also a worksheet on 'fill in the blanks and another translation (English to French)' in the KS4 loisirs section.

A few more games in the KS4 loisirs (grade/penalty/fling/plank/min)

We have just added the sound to KS4 la familia - I will add the vocab lists in a few weeks.

5 Minutes activites for KS4 les loisirs and a translation activity.

2 reading comprehensions on 'la lecture' et 'la musique'. (PDF)

Fling the teacher on the French tenses.

One activity to revise the time: Grade or no grade. (French)

A few more lists of vocab for ks4 les loisirs: les verbes, les mots utiles, la musique et la lecture.

A few lists of vocab on Les Médias: les verbes et les films/télé.

A few more games and a list of vocab for Noël! + a fling the teacher.

November 2016

The sound is on in the KS4 la comida section.

L'imparfait handout - under KS4 grammaire.

October 2016

I have added the sound to the KS4 Berufe and KS4 die Medien. <

2 more activities in the KS4 las compras: los correos y al banco.

I added 2 hand outs on how to form the present tense in French one one on le passé composé <

A few more lists in the KS3 Klasse: Die Lehrer sagen und die Schüler sagen. <

I have just added the sound to KS4 Familie, KS4 Einkaufen and KS4 Essen. <

September 2016

A few things for KS4 la famille: a matching activity - cut - match- glue in ex book! and a translation. <

One more parallel translation: l'internet.

Vocab lists for Die Medien.

We have added the sound to these KS3 German sections: Beschreibung , Mode und Unterkunft.

More activities in the El tiempo libre.

I have just added the sound to La salud (ks4) and corrected a few things... I will add a few more activities this week.

I am working on the KS4 La famille section this week: here are some vocabulary lists.

The vocab list for KS3 Die Mode are on with writing frame for the fashion show.

August 2016

Quelle est la date aujourd'hui? > I've added a file to do the date at the beginning of the lesson - with weather details. It is in each section ks2/ks3/ks4 under : la date.

Telling the date and weather in French, Spanish, German and Italian.

A few more activities in the 'El tiempo libre'.


July 2016

I have just updated the recources on 'Le Tour de France'

June 2016

I have redone the French penalty shootout page.

I've added the sound to 'les phoniques'

French transition: je dois.

May 2016

Spanish: more sound files added to KS3 el tiempo libre.

French: Les jeux: les capitales et la monnaie

Spanish: Los juegos: las capitales y la moneda del mundo.

Spanish: sound for los aeróbicos.

French: transition section: mes ambitions

April 2016

German translation activities:

Combien de fois? (Penalty shoot out)

Translation in German: Verkehr, Unterkunft, Schule, Richtungen, Mode, Körper, Klasse, Farbe, Beschreibungen, Essen, und Freizeit .

March 2016

More translation added - see Spanish below (February section).

A few more acticities in the ks3 tiempo section.

A few more games for the KS3 loisirs.

A few more activities in the KS3 Schule: page 3.

February 2016

New activities in the KS3 La moda. (one more file to add: role-plays).

I am working on 'parallel translations' at the moment. Here are the first ones:

KS3 French: Mon meilleur copain, Mon fils est malade, J'ai oublié... , Les matières, Les directions, Les loisirs, Les logements, La mode, La nourriture, Les couleurs, Les transports.

KS3 Spanish: El tren, El tiempo libre, En el aula, Los alojamientos, Los colores, El colegio, El cuerpo, Las descripciones, Las direcciones, La moda, La comida.


January 2016

KS4 Wohnort: Was ist nicht gut in deiner Stadt? a few games but more to come...

KS3 les loisirs - 2 massive files on 1. le portable et l'ordi and 2. l'internet. Loads of activities for both.

KS4 la nourriture: Les fromages et un questionnaire.

La nourriture: 2 penalty shoot out: les expressions françaises et la cuisine française. Walk the plank and Les annonces.

La nourriture> fling the teacher: useful expressions , a parallel translation, hangman type of activity (le requin) and a few more to come soon.

La famille (KS4) : venn, écoute, les problèmes, mes parents, les amis.... and some vocab sheets too soon. >

One more Penalty Shoot out: French - les infinitifs (ks3 Loisirs) >

Updating this section: French extra

I have added quite a few things in the KS4 Ferien section.

One more vocab list in the KS4 Wohnort: in der Stadt

A few more activities in the 123 Mandarin section: Fish, How much and numbers 1-20. A few more to come soon.

A Hang man type of activity on French verbs in the infinitives.


November 2015

Vocab lists for KS3 les loisirs

5 minutes - starters

More recordings added in the KS4 el colegio

A list of German connectives with the word order - I will add it to several sections. (It is also in the assessments section under MATS)


October 2015

I am adding the sound to quite a few sections:

KS4 el colegio - almost done

KS3 Freizeit - Done: Aerobik, Hobbys, Vocab, Wann, Ergänze, Fehler, Wetter, Wenn, Musik, and quite a few more on page 3.

Vocabulary lists are done for KS2 : French, German and Spanish - if you find any mistakes, please let me know.

June and July 2015

Les potins - here is a section on how to write about celebrities and making things up...

Le Tour de France - I will edit it today!

More activities in the 'el colegio' - recordings to come later.

I am adding activities here: Je suis une star. (le look des stars) Still loads to add to it!

Mandarin: the sports - done.

Les instructions: penalty shoot out.

April 2015

Revision in French for GCSE - last minutes revision!

Revision in German for GCSE - last minute revision!

Revision in Spanish for GCSE - last minute revision!

I added a few more songs to the CHANSONS section.

We are updating the site and hopefully this will get rid of the small screen problems some of you encountered.

January 2015

More activities and sound in this section: KS3 das Essen.

Penalty shoot out - wo ich wohne (useful vocab and expressions)

Venn on 'mon meilleur copain / ma meilleure copine' (description + adjectifs)

New vocabulary sheets:

Im Klassenzimmer <

Das Haus, die Möbel, die Zimmer <

Die Richtungen <

Die Familie: Freunde, Eltern <

I have put all the French internet / network related activities under MEDIA - some are easy and can be use with beginners.

I am adding the sound to the section: La comida< and a few more activities. (la tortilla - los problemas - la poción - los juegos - para imprimir - penalty y fling - la comida rápida)

November / December 2014

I am adding the sound to the section: La comida< and a few more activities.

L'internet: a few more activities. < (les médias)

I am adding the sound to this section: Las direcciones <

Pompeii - photos <

I am also adding the sound to some more KS2 Italian sections. (Le date)

October 2014

I am adding the sound to this section this week: ks3 en el aula<. A few more games here<.

September 2014

My Family - Mandarin - new activities and resources here.

New resources in the 'el cuerpo' section have been added + vocab sheets.

August 2014

I mesi dell'anno - grade or no grade , Teacher invaders (i mesi) ,

July 2014

Spanish: here are the 2 first writing mats for Spanish.

The sound is being added to the Italian section: gli animali (I thought I had done it!) and a few more activities.

May/June 2014

Le Tour de France: this section is done - there are loads of new activities!

Merkblatt - 2 new writing mats for German.

Italian: la coppa del mondo- a few things on : NC / MA / WS, le bandiere, Half a Min, Grade or no grade, Penalty (vocab)

Hopefully the 'aide-mémoire' is done now - I had to reupload it a few times with a few changes. I will print it and laminate it and leave it on the desk in the classroom - hopefully this will help pupils with their writing skills. (see mats for all pupils) The 'verbes' needs to be printed on an A3 paper, otherwise it is too small. I will also laminate it and leave it on the desks.

Weltmeisterschaft: a vocabulary list of all sorts about the world cup. (Click on the pen and rubber)

A couple more activities and a list of vocab in French on the world cup.

A few more activities in the 'Los mundiales' - a quiz, tactics and changing room seating.

I have finally started on the 'writing mats' which I will print and laminate then leave on the pupils desks so that they can be more creative with their language. So far I have done the first section of tghe French writing mat and also the verb table (which I will print on A3 paper otherwise it is too small).

More to come - hopefully soon!

April 2014

I have started to updated the section on 'La coupe du monde 2014'. I will do the other languages in the next few weeks.

A few more things here too: Mundial de fútbol and Die Weltmeisterschaft

February and March 2014

Lots more activities in the section 'las descripciones' - just the lists of vocab to do and upload.

We are adding the sound to the section; Las asignaturas and a few more activities.

A few more activities in the 'Verkehrsmittel' < section - a few more files to come and be edited.

We have just added the sound to this section: Im Klassenzimmer. <

Le direzioni - more activities here. <

January 2014

A couple more activities on Jobs: 5 minute starters (only 2 for now) and a fling the teacher on verbs.

We are working on adding the sound to the section ' Le direzioni ' (Italian) - a bit more to come soon. <

A few more files (+sound files) in the KS3 La mode section. <

" new files on 'l'avenir': les jeux et le texte <

November and December 2013

I have added the sound to the KS3 Food Mandarin section, and added one more file on meat and other food.

I am working on the 'La mode' section - adding sound, worksheets and new activities.

A few more acitivites on food in the Mandarin section: the menus, the shopping lists, and 3 quizzes.

KS3 Körper is now done.

I am adding some activities in the 'Food' topic in the Mandarin section and editing some of the files already there.

October 2013

Some more sound on 'La mia famiglia' > more to come this week.

ABC : L'alfabeto italiano is done.

I am adding the sound to KS3 der Körper. + Spiele (more recording to come soon)

A few activities on Facebook. <

September 2013

5 Minuten activities: Essen und Trinken. and Vocab lists.

5 minutes activities: les descriptions (activities to be done while you do the registration)

The recordings and a few extra files are done in this section: Le collège.

August 2013

I am adding the sound to the section: Le collège (KS3) at the moment. A few files done, more to come.

Les transports: more activities for this topic.

Los colores is now done - with more activities and 2 handouts to print: vocabulario y actividades.

July 2013

2 new activities in the 'los colores' section: mi gato y mi perro.

And quite a few more on this page: Los colores. (with recordings)

June 2013

I have started adding sound and new activities to 'Les logements' (KS3 French)

One more Spanish writing frame: los amigos.

A few new things on the 'Les logements' section.

May 2013

Last update for May 2013: 3 Spanish writing frames: mi casa, mi ciudad, el futuro. <

More Italian writing frames today: La mia città, la scuola, La divisa, Le regole, Roma. <

1 worksheet and a few vocab lists for 'Les directions' <

1 worksheet and a few vocab list for 'La salle de classe' <

Worksheets and Vocab lists on 'les descriptions'. <

More Worksheets (2 readings) and Vocab Lists: Le corps. <

Some French worksheets and vocab lists: Vocab for food, Reading and activities for food, Reading for house, Vocabulary for house and town.<

Fling the teacher on vocab for 'Le petit déjeuner'< and the word 'some'.

Worksheets:< a Venn diagram for 'Le petit déjeuner' and a reading on 'Le petit déjeuner'.

4 more writing frames (Spanish): Famosos, Mi escuela, El reglamento, El uniforme. <

April 2013

Here is a song: je suis perdu - with directions< (just a few - this is for my year 7) (Only in 'KS3 Directions) <

Je prends< - activity and game (Fling the teacher).

2 more writing frames: Madrid y mis vacaciones.<

March 2013

I have finally started to add a few writing frames:< so far I have added:

Spanish writing frames: Mi familia, el dasayuno.

I have added the sound to 'Dans la salle de classe'. <

February 2013

I have added a few quick starter activities (activities done while you are doing registration!) on Les vacances <- more to come and also in other topics.

I have finally started to add a few writing frames:< so far I have added:

French section: La santé / Ma visite à Paris / Les règlements / L'uniforme scolaire / Le collège / Le petit déjeuner / Ma famille / Ma ville et à l'avenir / Les vacances / Ma maison / Les copains / Les vedettes /

German: Die Schuluniform / Die Schule / Die Schulregeln / Die Stadt / Die Familie / Die Gesundheit / Das Frühstück / Berlin / Meine Ferien / Mein Haus / In der Zukunft / Freunde / Die Stars

Italian: La mia famiglia / La salute / La colazione


January 2013

Walk the plank: useful words for the 'wo ich wohne' section. (KS4) <

KS4 Wohnort: Plenary <

Les vacances: Les verbes< - choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.

A few activities on Paris: Walk the Plank: ce que j'aime faire à Paris. and a few Noughts and crosses on the sites. <

Here are a few more activities to learn and revise the colours in German (with sound).<

We have also added the sound to some activities in the food section: Das Essen (vocabulary). <

November 2012

I have added a few more things in 'Les directions'. <

I have added quite a few more things in 'La santé'< section and a writing frame too. <

One more 'walk the plank'< on useful words in the 'Les Médias' section.

October 2012

A few more activities in the French 'La santé' <section.

Multiple choice: Gestresst oder nicht gestresst? <

L'internet: an activity to revise a few verbs. Fling the teacher. to link

An activity to describe what someone else does as a living: Mein Vater <

September 2012

Walk the plank: easy sentences about your town: il y a - on peut - j'aime (French)

Walk the plank: very easy vocabulary game on les médias (films et émissions de télé)

Penalty Shootout: Il faut.

I am adding a few more activities in the KS3 Le Collège section: Drag and drop<, Je préfèrerais<, J'aime<, Lis<! more to come this weekend.

Mein Lieblingsessen (KS4) Text + questions in English.

I have added some pictures of a German breakfast here.

Italian: KS2 Vorrei <- with sound and a few more games. <

August 2012

I am adding some more activities in the 'La nourriture' section *KS3* + sound for some of them.

I have added sound and new activities to the section: Le corps.

I am working on the French ks3 section at the moment, adding sound and also new activities. Here is 'Les descriptions'.

July 2012

More activities in the ABC Spanish - still some work to do on this section.

I have edited the Spanish recordings for the number section - and added a couple more activities.

I have added more activities in the 'Les couleurs' sections.

All worksheets for the QCA French are now done.

French Main Section: Les Jeux Olympiques

Spanish Main section: Los Juegos Olímpicos - lots of activities for the Olympics!

German Main section: Die Olympischen Spiele : Penalty Shoot out, En garde, Hoop Shoot. More to come: Noughts and crosses - Definition game - and more!


June 2012

I have added a few more worksheets and vocab sheets in the French qca section (13-24), more to come this week.

I have been adding the recordings to the KS2 Spanish section - I am almost done. We will work on the numbers and the alphabet next.

New activities: Los juegos , ¡Lee! in La ropa.

New activities: Los deportes: la serpiente y los juegos.


May 2012

QCA scheme of work and units 23-24 are almost done - a few more things to add then that's it. I still need to do the worksheets.

QCA scheme of work units 21 and 22 are now done.

April 2012

I have been working on the ks2 Spanish section - adding the sounds to all files. I am half way through the section and there is more to come.

The 4 tones (Mandarin) + sound. <

Fling the teacher on 'loisirs'.

March 2012

I am adding the sound in the KS2 Spanish section - sofar we are up to 'las Fechas' - more to come.

A penalty shootout on 'lost property' in German.

February 2012

Die Verben - which verb is missing? (KS4 Ferien)

Just added the sound to these files: Ks3 Schule: weil / Fächer / ich würde lieber. More to come later.

January 2012

I am working on this section at the moment - there are still a few things to be done, but please have a look! Notre Monde (KS2 scheme of work)

Mein Wohnort - in the past.

Here is a file I will use with my Year 9 this week: L'imparfait.

We are working on the section: Die Schule (KS3) this week - I've added a few more files.

I have added this file on 'best friend' (German)

I have redone the sound to the 'Abito' section (Italian)

I added a few more activities in the 'Echange' section (French)

December 2011

I have revamped the Olympic section (French only for now).

A few more activities for the revision unit in the Mandarin KS2 section.

Unit 19 is now complete. (Notre école - QCA French scheme of work)

Mandarin: the animals and the age sections are now done. I am missing a few worksheets but I will hopefully find time during the Holidays to complete and add them to the section.

November 2011

I have just finished a section on character formation (Mandarin) - hopefully you can find something to use as plenary or starter here.

The section 'I live'< in Mandarin is now done. If you use it I would be grateful for some feedbacks.

The colours< in Mandarin is done.

Hoop shoot in German - der die das with places in town.

October 2011

Here is a file on Chinese Masks< - I will be using it to introduce the meaning of the Opera masks and then we will make one.

I am working on the 'I live' Mandarin section< - I have a few things there but more to come this week.

I have also done the worksheets for Unit 14 (Je suis le musicien).

We are working on the recordings in Italian, only ks2 section at the moment.

I am working on Unit 19 at the moment - the section is done but I have not added the recordings yet - need to get rid of this cold first!

These Mandarin sections are done too: Me and my friends and the dates - more to come soon.

September 2011

Italian: La scuola is done.

A new song on glogster: Rat rat j'ai un rat - you can see all the songs here

Chinese: the recordings for the 'greetings' section are done.

European Day of Languages activities:

Italian: the flag section has sound.

Italian: Le direzioni are alomost done. (only the sound is missing)

Italian: Il trasporto is almost done.

KS2 Chinese: the dates, greetings, me and my friends are almost done!

August 2011

I have just come back from Beijing and I have started to add some recources on the Mandarin section. I added a few songs, a nursery rhyme and some videos (dumplings / panda / dancing / jianzi playing). I have a lot more to add: photos, interviews I did on the street and as few more videos.

I am working on the Mandarin number section this week, page 1 is done.

June-July 2011

I am adding more S/P, I've started with the French section and will do the other sections this summer.

I have also redone the German videos section.

I have been redoing my French video this weekend, you can find them here: Some of them might take a few minutes to download, please check the 'green downloading button' at the bottom of your computer to check the progress. There is no 'back button' on the pages with the videos, you need to use the 'back arrow' from your browser to get back to the previous page.

Video: Carcassonne

Here is a song - sang by my mother: le petit cordonnier.

Penalty shoot out on tenses: le présent, le passé et le futur

Las imágenes locas: are done. Please let me know what you think!

Here is the KS4 gramática y vocabulario section - If you find mistakes, please let me know.

The French qca section has been updated and more worksheets will be added soon.

I have also updated the German quizzes in the extra section.

April 2011 - 114 111 hits

Die Hochzeit: a few activities in German - I will also add some in French: le mariage royal.

Unit 17 is almost done (only the recordings to add)

Unit 16 is done: Scène de plage

Also a song to learn the verb: faire (there is no music yet)

March 2011 - 173 581 hits

Unit 15 En route pour l'école is done.

I have updated and changed a few things on .

February 2011 - 136 410 hits

Unit 14 Je suis le musicien is done.

Unit 13 Bon appétit is done.

I have added quite a few more activities in the 'KS2 Ich möchte' section and all with sound.

I have been very busy adding sound to the ks2 German section.

I have added 3 more activities in the ks2 Tiere: spell/jigsaw/match

January 2011 - 147 046 hits

I've redone quite a few files on this section: Ks3 Beschreibungen and sorted out the broken links.

December 2010

Here is a new file on La famille< - quite a few drag and drops and sound.

I have redone the Christmas song: Neige neige blanche <

One more Quiz de Noel: les cadeaux.

2 more files in the Spanish 'Navidad' section: el calendario de adviento and a quiz: los regalos.


November 2010

Almost all worksheets (Units 1-12) for the ks2 QCA scheme of work are done. You can find them here<.

October 2010

All files in the KS2 section have now sound. Click on the 'green' play button to listen to the recording.

Some sound has been added to the ks2 Spanish section too, more to come soon.

September 2010

I am adding sounds to the KS2 Spanish section. (months, weather, countries, names, how are you, seasons)

New sound file added to the 'futuro' section (go to 'voy a' ... no 3)

Here is a new file: ¡Escucha! (countries, weather and seasons)<

New File: ¡Escucha! (familia)<

New file: Mi familia (drag and drop)

June + July 2010

I am working on a transition section (in French), there is not much done at the moment, it is mainly under construction but if you want to have a look, here is what I am working on: Je suis une star!

Sections done:


Interview (new song: Préféré!) (only need the examples of interviews)

Les concerts

Une caricature


May 2010

New French activity: Les vestiaires <

A Spanish penalty shoot out on the World Cup. < and a falso o verdadero <

2 more Penalty Shoot out in German : a quiz < and vocabulary <

A few more Spanish this time: NC - MA - WS and a Grade or no grade < (basic).

A few more German World cup < activites: Richtig oder falsch and NC/MA/WS.

The BALL - French - German - Spanish <<< (World cup activity)

A few more French World cup < activities: noughts and crosses, one more penalty shootout and Grade or no grade.

A few new activities for the World cup: Where do they come from? French / German / Spanish <<<

Spanish section: las Banderas, Penalty , Half a Min <<< (MORE to come soon)

La coupe du monde 2010< : updated activities. (Penalty shootout / quiz / NC / WS / the flags / Fling the teacher on the players) Just added a new quiz to this section - will need to sort out the main page and link it to it: Vrai ou faux? <

Die Weltmeisterschaft<: updated activities. (Penalty shootout / quiz / NC / WS / the flags / Half a min and songs)

I am adding sound files to the French KS2 section and changing (improving) the existing sound files. I am working on 'J'habite' this week.

March 2010

QCA Vive le sport!<

Photos du Carnaval de Nice (QCA Le carnaval des animaux)<

QCA Les 4 amis< - done

February 2010

QCA Raconte-moi une histoire< - done.

QCA Les jeux et les chansons< - done.

I have sorted the KS2 French page - l'Europe/Les drapeaux/Le monde are together and I added a couple of new buttons: QCA and content for ks2 French section.

QCA KS2: Moi! <- done!

We have also done the corrections in the 'los alojamientos' < section - sorry about that!

January 2010: Happy New Year!

QCA KS2: On y va! <- done - I 've added the recordings.

Here is a new file: El futuro <

I will be working on this for the next few months: KS2 QCA scheme of work <

December 2009

I am working on QCA Unit 8 L'argent de poche < .

November 2009

QCA Ks2 - On fait la fête< -is done. The file is very big - so it might take a few minutes to download.

Penalty shootout on verbs (German - present tense)<

New French jokes<

A few more activities to revise the family members< in Chinese / Mandarin.

October 2009

A couple of activities for my Year 8! Half a min< and fling the teacher< (topic: la ville)

Chinese: the Food section is almost done - a few things to add and change and I have started on the 'Family' section. (all in the KS3 section) <

Septembre 2009

I am working on this file at the moment: QCA Portraits< - is now done.

I have also uploaded a new song: Quel temps fait-il? <

August 2009

I am working on Unit 12 of the QCA scheme of work: Quel temps fait-il? <- is now done and also the worksheets which you can find here.

All games and other links are now in the 'Useful links section'

I am adding some Tic tac toe with a twist< in the useful links section.

June - July 2009

I am working on 'QCA Le carnaval des animaux'< is done.

¡Escucha!< Listen to what people like and dislike. (Media)

KS2 Scheme of work activites: ça pousse: Le cycle de vie d'une plante, au marché, J'aime, la salade, les légumes et les jeux. <

I have also started a page to link the KS2 scheme of work to atantot: Scheme of work <

Le fermier dans son pré <- song, games and activities. (This is a big file, it might take a few minutes to download)

Du - de la - des - de l' ?<

A few more activities in the Spanish alfabeto.

We have added the recording to El terremoro.<

The same activities in French: En classe: Le prof dit... +Fling the teacher, les élèves disent..., Match, Half a Min, Walk the plank + Les couleurs, Teacher invaders<.

Here are a few more activities in the 'En el aula' section: match, grade or no grade, true or false? el profesor dice, los alumnos dicen, walk the plank, fling the teacher, teacher invaders and half a min<.


May 2009

New Italian section: In classe : vocab, games (NC - MA - WS - Half a min - fling the teacher, Grade or no grade, Walk the plank - Translation game - , what the teacher and pupils say in class, speaking activities, grammar (feminine, masculine and plural) and true or false).

Colour change ( the clothes): I colori<, los colores< and die Farben<.

A few things on films and TV programs:

Spanish: Vocab, speaking activity and quiz<, replace the pictures<and the types of films<.

German: Vocab, speaking activity and a quiz< and the types of films< and Bilderrätsel<.

French: Vocab, speaking activity and a quiz< and the types of films< and replace the pictures (Pot-pourri d'images)<.

April 2009 Hits: 30,444

Here are some boards: a blackboard< and a whiteboard<: use your mouse to write on the board. You can also access these files via the buttons above the word GAMES.

I have uploaded a new activity: colour change FRENCH<. Let me know what you think. This is the first one, I can think of loads of activities to do with this type of file, however, it took me ages to do....

Here is the new activity to revise some sport: French<, Spanish<, Italian<

La ventana<: an activity to recap on questions and descriptions.

I have added page 3 on the French number page.

Pensez-y!< a thinking activity where pupils must find something positive / negative and interesting about these topics.

March 2009 Unique visits: 114,842 Hits: 970,435

March 2009

Here is an activity to make your pupils think: die Umwelt<. (I will do it in other language this week)

Here are some quizzes on 'los animales'. They are in the KS4 sections as they would be too difficult for KS2 pupils.: Walk the plank and en Garde!<

A few extra activities to revise the food: La sopa, en el restaurante, some games and more!<

Comptine: Bonjour Madame Lundi!<

3 petites comptines: Jamis on a vu, un éléphant ça trompe, une poule sur un mur. <

A few more activities in the KS3 Essen section: Halbes Wort, Grade or no Grade, Walk the plank, Teacher invaders, Match, more NC and WS, In der Kantine, Im Restaurant, Komishce Leute, Die Suppe, Half a min!, das Butterbrot and Tile Tap.<

The first activities in March! Reorder the pictures...more to come this week.

1. German: Mein Alltag<, Haushalt<, Ferien<, Freizeit<.

2. French: La routine<, les corvées<, les vacances<, les loisirs<.

3. Spanish: La rutina diaria, los quehaceres<, las vacaciones<, mis pasatiempos<.

This is something I should have done ages it is: Ecoute: les animaux<

February 2009 Unique visits: 93,254 Hits: 759,496

February 2009

I added a few more activities on the KS3 nourriture section: La cantine (drag and drop), a role-play at the resto, Half a Min!, Grade or no Grade?, Teacher invaders, match, Walk the plank (resto), more NC and WS and Tile Tap. <

One more activity in the 'Il corpo': En garde, < (revise the verbs and the parts of the body).

A new topic in the Italian section: il cibo. You will find loads of recources here! (vocab, role-play, pizza, canteen, games (lots of games), drag and drop activities, recipies, giving opinions, saying what you like, don't like and prefer...and much more!<) It took us quite a while to do and it will take us a while to go through the 10 packs of pasta I had to buy to do the PASTA game!!! ha!

Spanish section: a few more activities in the 'el cuerpo': role-plays, es para, Match, NC and WS , walt the plank and teacher invaders, la serpiente, En garde and El médico<.

Ich sehe etwas<: activity to revise the objects of the classroom.

I have added a few more files to : 2 Glogsters: La soupe aux légumes< and Sein< and a toondoo: Jacques et Julie< and Au zoo<. The toondoos would work really well as big books in primary schools!

January 2009 Unique visits: 118,621 Hits: 973,230

Happy New year! Bonne année! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Felice anno nuovo!

Here is a new one in the 'Le corps' section: Docteur! <(I will link it later on) , Der Körper: Beim Arzt<.

Here is an activity to revise the cases in German: KS4 Wohnort<.

German: a few more activities to revise the body parts in German: more NC, MA, WS, Rollenspiele, die Schlange, Es ist für..., Grage or no grade, Fling the teacher, Teacher invaders and Walk the plank<.

French: here are a few activities on 'Le corps': les jeux de rôle, C'est pour..., Grade or no grade, Fling the teacher, WS, MA, more NC, Ecoute, Teacher invaders, Blank, Walk the Plank and le serpent.<

Stop! <- ks4 Wohnort - activity to make sentences longer.

Blankety Blank< to revise the past tense. (German)

Italian section: Il corpo<: we have been busy this weekend working on this section and we have added loads of activities: vocab, il viso, games, ho mal..., la mosca, la palla de neve, il serpente and more!

Here is a new game: Teacher invaders: les chiffres<, die Zahlen<, los números<, i numeri<

First activity of the year!: Tu piges?<(les loisirs) Tu piges? <(les pays) and Tu piges? < (la nourriture) In the family section: mon, ma, mes<. Pick a word from the white sheet and drag it to the correct section. Thanks Anne for the idea!

December 2008 Unique visits: 82, 283 Hits: 676, 126

Just back from the Bremen Weihnachtsmarkt and I took quite a few pictures of the food and the market. Here is the first one: Das Essen<, and another file on typical food< from Germany.

An NC< on useful verbs in German for describing the town where they live.

A 'En garde' on Auto oder Flugzeug?<

'En garde' en voiture ou en avion? <

'En garde: ¿En coche o en avión?<

Lecture: reading comprehension on 'La famille' <

A file I should have done ages ago since the pictures are from 2006! L'Hôtel de Glace de Québec<.

La fenêtre<: a memory activity. German version: Das Fenster<

November 2008 Unique visits: 125, 923 Hits: 1,011,853

A simple reading activity about holidays (Lecture<).

Here is my latest creation....Le cirque<. I have not tried it yet, so there might be a few things to sort out... I hope you like it.

I have resaved quite a few files lately, if you find any broken links, please let me know.

Here is starter to revise the daily routine< (French).

2 more match in the SP section: German: der Verkehr and die Kleidung< and in the French section: 0-20 and 20-30<.

3 activities to revise the subjects: die Fächer, NC and MA<. (German) and the French version: les matières, NC and MA.

Probleme im Hotel< (KS3 unterkunft section) and an activity to revise the vocab on hotel: die Vokabeln<

A few activities to revise places in town: Vokabeln und Blank! <

A few more activities for the directions: wordsearch< and a Half a min<.

Here is an activity to revise and/or introduce the rooms in the school.: Das Schulgebäude.<

A Walk the plank< on routine (French).

A Walk the plank on the rooms in school< (German version).

Here is an activity I used with my Year 11 on how to complain. They had to change the letter to make negative. Sich beklagen<. Se plaindre<


October 2008 Unique visits: 121,685 and Hits: 991,161 has 4 more sections: wordle, flash-gear, goanimate and glogster and a new look!

A few more sound files were added: Las direcciones<, 'Olvidado'<, las descripciones<, Canción: rojo rosa< and Las compras - role plays<.

I have added a couple of activities in the 'Richtungen'< section.

I have also been playing with a new site called glogster, here is one example:

I've added another page of activities in French for l'Halloween (click on the green button) ks2dateshalloween< (fling, penalty shootout, half a min and walk the plank with the Halloween vocabulary)

I have also added the same pages in German: KS2 Halloween<. (fling, penalty shootout, half a min and walk the plank with the Halloween vocabulary)

The Italian Halloween section is getting there, a few more things to do and it'll be done... KS2 Halloween<

The Spanish section is also almost done: KS2 el día de las brujas <

I have been playing with Joe's voice effect last week, you can watch and listen the results:< I have made the robot, the devil, the chipmunk, the concert hall, the operator, the radio and the alien. Great fun!

I have uploaded a few more Spanish alfabeto< activities.

Here is an activity to revise the word order with weil/wenn/würde and other confusing German word order!!!

September 2008 Unique visits: 63 995 and Hits: 489 828

Here are 3 exercises I use to prepare my Year 11 to write their coursework on Ferien: Hotel oder Campingplatz, Eltern oder Freunde, Normalerweise. <

We have started to add some resources on Halloween in Spanish, you can access them via: Spanish> KS2> Las fechas> Halloween (el día de las brujas) , we are still working on 'La casa embrujada'.

We have been working on this section at the weekend: Le descrizioni: il viso (not quite finished yet) , games, spazio, Grade and Fling, verbi utili, le maschere, confronta, la famiglia, la personalità, stop, il corpo and Half a min. <

European Day of Languages:

NC: Football, Famous people, Cars and Hello and 2 match: Football, cars and famous people.

I am working on a new section: Cross-curricular<. I have now added some details on the first 6 subjects and will be workingon the second page this week. If you have any comments, please e-mail me.

I have uploaded a few more songs in German: Ich esse<, die Tage<, die Routine<, Ich habe Hunger< and Bruder Jakob<.

I colori < is now done.

Here is a quiz to find out if you or your pupils are shopaholic. Las compras <

Los insectos<: some of my pupils were more interested in insects, so here is the Spanish version.

Los animales: penalty shootout no. 1 and penalty shootout no.2. I will also add these files here but as a different game: La familia.

Les phoniques!< Here are a few texts to revise and practice some sounds...

August 2008 : Unique visits: 24 752 and Hits: 163 300

Here is an activity to revise numbers between 1 and 50. It does work, I promise!!!!! Devine le nombre. I will also add it to the other sections later on.

Here are a few more activities to recap on clothes (Spanish) : ks2 la ropa (page 2). I added Match, Wordsearch, a Walk the Plank, la línea, la bola, half a min, 5 in a row (bb), and I linked el codigo.

I am working on KS2 Los deportes at the moment: Fling the teacher< is done, but I still need to complete: Vocales, Serpiente and Error...

A few more activities to revise the members of the family in Spanish: NC, Match, WS, walk the plank, Half a min and I have also linked 'el codigo'.

Here are a few more games to revise and practice the dates and months: ks2 fechas <

I have added a few more activities in the KS2 los animales: a quiz (choice of 3 different ways of doing it)<

I have added a few more things in the Ich wohne< section: 2 NC< and 3 Half a min<.

3 more files in the 'I numeri' section: Aliens<, Listen 1-20< and the fish<.

I numeri: Blockbuster, Noughts and crosses, Wordsearch, Match, one flashcard for now (more to come), 1000000, 100, 1-69, la data, la calcolatrice, Che ore sono?, Half a min<, I numeri ordinali (almost done, flashcard missing), Quiz, 1-10.<

I have added a few more resources in the KS2 Familie > Half a min, Grade or no grade?, Kode, Sie order Er?. Rate mal!, En garde, Walk the plank and Match. <

2 more activities in the 'Les dates' section: a 'Grade or no grade' on the months and 'Half a min!' <

2 more activities in the 'Wann' (KS2) section: a 'Grade or no grade' (months) and 'Half a Min!' <

Half a min < on les vêtements (KS2 section) and 2 more activities in the 'Ma famille' section (KS2): Half a min and 'il ou elle' <

I have redone some of the Half a min and linked them to the appropriate sections: KS2 J'habite<: les pièces, les meubles et j'habite...

I added a few more activites in the KS2 Kleidung< section and I still need to correct quite a few links in this section.

I've also added a new page in the KS4 Freizeit< and will add a couple more activities there too.

Here are the 'Half a min' linked to the correct page: Les descriptions<, Les médias< (2), Sur la table < and Die Möbel / die Stadt. <

I have also done a file I wanted to do for quite a while now: Les petits déjeuners (les pays). <

July 2008 : Unique visits: 64 744 and Hits: 542 932

German codes: die Tiere<, die Daten<, Sport<, die Familie<, die Kleidung<, mein Haus<. I will have to add quite a few second pages to each sections.

My Year 9 German have done their Sockentheater and I edited their videos. You can see the result here: I still have to finish the Puppet show from my Year 7 and I will post the link on atantot2 > other

I have also added this file: les parfums <

Here is what I will do tomorrow with Year 6 'induction day'...I hope it works...they will sing and dance! Jean petit qui danse. <

I have also added the song: trois p'tits chats, trois p'tits chats, trois p'tits chats chats chats!!!! <

Les Jeux Olympiques : NC, Hootshoot, penalty shootout, A-B-C of sports and en garde. <

Mein Motivationsprogramm <.... well, I wish I could follow it! This activity is in the 'health' section (Gesundkeit - KS4)

I've added a few Spanish songs...well I tried!!! If you sing louder than the recording you might not hear me too much! ha ha ha! Canciones < Some of them only have the music, I have not dared yet to sing it but I might do one day!

And here is a project : L'auberge de jeunesse <

Here is an activity to revise the ingredients in a burger. (French) Les ingrédients < and some games<.

June 2008 : Unique visits: 113 616 and Hits: 939 149

22nd June 2008

I have added a story on the< : le petit chaperon rouge, you can download the MP3 file and the transcript. Go to Podcasts then Le petit chaperon rouge. It is quite big so it will take a while to download.

DONE: Spanish codes: los animales<, las fechas<, los deportes<, la familia<, la ropa<, mi casa.

How to improve your pronunciation and intonation? Here is an activity to do it: les styles<

15th June 2008

Here is an activity to revise invitation and excuses<. It is a German listening activity.

Les animaux (KS2): a new activity, still under development but it is working: Le code secret < and I also added another walk the plank<.

A few more 'codes secrets':

les dates<


la famille<

les sports<

les vêtements <

Here is a 'stop' < activity to revise the future tense in French. (under KS3 loisirs)

8th June 2008

Here is an activity to expand pupils' vocabulary: Encore des verbes! <

2 Noughts and crosses: L'auberge de jeunesse and die Schuluniform<.

A quiz on for or against school uniforms< (in German).

Here is a mixture of all sorts of activites in Spanish:

*Las tiendas < (in the las compras section) is now done.

*We are also working on the Spanish 'extra' < section. I have uploaded 5 quizzes, the tongue twisters and 5 files on signs. There is still loads to do in this section but this is a start!

* I have finally added pictures of fruits and veg at the market. There are quite a it might take a few seconds to completely download. KS4 La comida > las cantidades > el mercado. <

May 2008 : Unique visits: 107 660 and Hits: 877 738

Describe the bedroom and replace the furniture. La chambre<.

KS4 study Skills - Wiederholung < (listening section for now)

En garde - les animaux.< and the same game with 'walk the plank<'.

Here is the first of the Méli-mélo 2, in the SP section: la santé< , les vacances< ,

Here is an activity to revise the fruits and vegetables: Drôle de monde<.

An activity for pupils to improve sentences: Die Schule: länger bitte<.

Walk the Plank:

French: les meubles<, Quelle famille!<, les animaux célèbres, le métro (you need a map of the underground to do it...)

Spanish: ¿ Dónde vives ?<, Los muebles<,

German: Wo wohnst du?< , Die Möbel<, Linking words / word order,

5th May 2008

Olympics: Here is a quiz<. You can find it in the Chinese section: Mandarin< I will try to add more resources about the Olympics.

I am trying to make a few more Wirrwarr 2 <in the SP section (German unjumble the sentences), it is taking me a while to do so they will appear gradually... (Probleme, Ferien, Gesundheit, Arbeiten, Pläne and Zukunft are done)

La phrase< (KS4 vacances), to revise the future tense and an activity to get pupils to make longer sentences<.

Another 'sentence' activity<, this time in German about holidays.

Here is another 'Stop' activity, this time in Spanish and about Las compras<. My bottom set Year 8 loves this game, if you do not understand how to use it, e-mail me and I'll try to explain it better!

April 2008 : Unique visits: 92 572 and Hits: 732 099

25th April 2008

Here is a file to use the ER verb habiter. <

La phrase < : an activity to revise how to buy food at the market. You might need to print the screen first, it is easier to follow...especially for the teacher!

A Multiple choice to revise verb endings. Les verbes en ER au présent. <


I have done quite a few activities in the Spanish SP section: wordsearch, word attack, hangman and catch <are now done.

I am working on a few Spanish Penalty Shootouts at the moment, here they are: Las reglas, El uniforme escolar, La rutina, Los verbos, Me duele, Las tareas, El colegio , El futuro, Las direcciones , Las expreciones, Yo and Soy! I also added all the buttons on the Penalty shootout pages. Let me know if you find any mistakes and I'll sort them out. <

I have redone the recordings of a couple of stories sofar: Le petit nuage noir and Rond-Rond le petit cochon. <

March 2008 : Unique visits: 102 163 and Hits: 864 528

In March 2008

I have added a page 2 to the French penalty shootout, I am working on the buttons now. L'argent de poche, avec qui, les corvées, les instruments de musique and le stage. <

Another story: Le petit canard. <

Here is a song to revise and learn the directions: Les directions <

La soupe aux légumes <- revise the vegetables and how to make a soupe!

Here is a file about 'meine Freunde'<, one about 'meine Eltern'< and one about 'Probleme'< (mit der Familie)


February 2008 : Unique visits: 100 730 and Hits: 797 792

The Spanish Valentin's activities are now done.

Here is an activity to revise how to describe someone - caracter - in Italian: the masks

I have uploaded the:





in the Spanish SP section. If you spot any mistakes, please let us know.

I have also added a few more videos (Ratatouille) on atantot2.

Here are 2 more activities in the 'Abito' section: Wordsearch and Match.

10th February 2008

I have redone the jigsaw section in the SP (French). The colour should be better for the IWB this time and I also corrected a few mistakes! I have also resaved most files in the SP section.

I have been making Vokis all week, with my Years 7, 8 and 11 and in a few weeks time with my Year 9 and can see and hear my Year 11's on > Vokis.

I am still trying to do some of these 'redo the sentences' activities, hopefully this one is better than the last one I did a while ago: Refais les phrases.

If you need a few activities for the Beijing Olympics, I have started a section on 'Chinese'. The section will not be very big, just a few activities to say very basic phrases and an 'extra' section with pictures and other interesting things (horoscope and Beijing 2008). I hope you find it useful: Chinese <

3rd February 2008

Les vêtements<: revise the vocab on clothes (the clothes line)

Les ballons:< pop the right colour! and Les cercles,< 2 activities to revise the colours.

I am working on this section: KS4 Freizeit 2. I will add as much as I can tonight and will finish it later this week. These 3 are done: Gold, meine Familie and Hör zu.

January 2008 : Unique visits: 106 306 and Hits: 795 848

19th January 2008

Here is a listening on a catastrophic weekend: Mein Wochenende<

I added 2 more files in the Le corps section (KS3) Où est la mouche?< (revise the parts of the face) and la boule de neige (revise the parts of the body). <

I added a few things in the Körper section (KS3): die Fliege,< der Schneeball,< Half a Min< and Wie sagt man das. <

Here are the Spanish version of the body activities: la mosca< and la bola de nieve.<

Here is a text on ' Was machst du nach der Schule?' <(listening activity)

13th January 2008

I have been playing with Comic Life and uploaded 5 little stories. I have not tried them in class yet and I wonder what they would look like on the IWB. They are on atantot2. I hope you can find some use for them.

I have done this section this week: KS2 vorrei (Italian section). I hope there are not too many mistakes.

I am working on Gli sport: Gli sport (vocab), Half a Min, I giochi, Ti piace?, Mi piace, quiz , guess the sport: la palla are done. Only the serpente is still under construction.

I vestiti: Vocab (i vestiti), Che cosa è?, Uniformi, la spia, Half a Min, Le sillabe, Blockbuster, la sfera di cristallo, NC, quiz, match and WS more to come this weekend.

I am working on a set of plenaries for each topic, here is the first one. I hope it can be useful. KS4 Wohnort

Here are a few more activities in the KS2 sport (Spanish - page 2) section. En garde is done.

December 2007: Unique visits: 77 066 and Hits: 573 939

The week before the holidays!!! Our Christmas card here!

I have added a few more examples of Photo Story which you can find on : Les animaux and une carte postale.

I also added 2 little Christmas games I did for : whack the reindeer and shot the pudding! You can find them under 'Just for laughs' Christmas.

I added a few more things in the KS4 German and Spanish Media sections.

I added a few more things to the accomodation section in German.

I also added a few more things in the Verkehrsmittel section.

Here is my first 'gold digger'. It is a game one of my form asked me to might offend some people... Les pays ( I will do them only for the KS4 section!)

8 December 2007 :

I have redone the main pages of, just needed a bit of a change... I have uploaded a few photo story files, only pictures of holidays for now...

I have added a few more things under 'les médias' : 2 files which I put in the environment section but should also be in the media section, a survey, Half a min, fire (listening) and a match up. These are all on page 2 of this section.

La jungle: guess which 3 animals are hiding in the jungle<.....

Der Dschungel< die Teile and die Insekten< are done.

La selva<, los partes<, la giungla< (Italian) are done too.

This is a special request from one of my Year 7 set 2. : Les insectes<

I have linked a few things I had misplaced on the site!!!: Fling on the past tense in German<,

I have now connected the files on : les groupes, die Bands, and a few more on daily routine.

Here is the 'tener y haber' < file.

And here is the 'los adjetivos' < file.

I added a song on atantot2: on pourrait, the way I used it is: I photocopied the song then cut up each sentence separately. Then I played the songs and pupils had to put the sentences in the correct order, they then glued it in their book (in the correct order) and we sang it.

November 2007: Unique visits: 113,496 and Hits: 875,854

25th November 2007 :

KS3 Gramatica: el pasado< is under construction, I have 2 more files to add to it, 2 games.

KS4 Gramatica: el genio< is done.

KS3 Gramatica: ¿Por o para ?< , the 'los verbos reflexivos'< and the Half a min< are done.

19th November 2007 :

I am uploading a few NC< and Match< on verbes tonight, click here to access them.

A listening activity to recap on 'la routine'.

FLing the teacher: Gli animali <

I've also added a few more videos on Atantot 2, in the German section.

11th November 2007 :

Here is a song by our German exchange parterns: Das rote Pferd < (on too)

Here is a French song: J'ai un frère <

I have also corrected a few files and linked a few more files, now that I can see the screen!!

October 2007: Unique visits: 109,719 and Hits: 867,879

October 2007 :

I have uploaded 2 more activities onto the section 'el medio ambiente': ¿Qué falta ? and 'el terremoto'<.

'Gramática y vocabulario': done (there are only 8 activities sofar (one more to add this week) but I am sure we'll find other activities to add to this section)

Italiano: I am working on the 'Gli animali': the first page is done, I am working on page 2. I have done a new one for the animals: le parti (page 2) I will add it to the other languages asap. If you find any mistakes, let me know.

I have also been working on the CONTENT page (see link at the top of this page too) which many people asked for. I hope it is what you meant and it is useful. (if it is not underlined, it is still under construction)

7th October 2007:

Spanish: new files under el medio ambiente: para, porque and debería<.

Italian: La mia famiglia: Half a min, Noughts and crosses, Match, wordsearch, mi chiama, ...mio... grade or no grade...ho...che, spazio< (under construction but it will be done very soon)

I have also been playing with a programme callled Animoto, I have done a few things and they are on

September 2007: Unique visits: 99,670 and Hits: 705,265

30th September 2007 :

French: a Grade or no Grade on 'Je vais...' One more story: la petite sauterelle< and the last one: Janette la mouffette<.

German: Song: Wann hast du Geburtstag?< Activity to revise some verbs (with gern).

Spanish: El medio ambiente: Grade or no Grade?, Los verbos, Walk the plank (verbs) and Fling the teacher <are done.

Italian: I am working on KS2 mia famiglia.

23th September 2007 :

Spanish: Here are a few activities in the 'el medio ambiente'. En lugar de / en vez de, NC, WS, Tile Tap, Half a Min and La basura, Fling the teacher, Problemas, More to come: para, porque, frase, verbos, qué falta, Grade or no Grade, Debería and el terremoto. (this week)

German: I have uploaded an activity on Das Praktikum: Was fehlt? < and an Odd One Out< on die Verben.

French: I have added a few more activities under KS4 l'environnement: 2 listening: the earthquake in Peru< and les inondations<, a Grade or no Grade<, a Fling the teacher<, and a Half a Min<!

16th September 2007 :

Here are the first few activities on signs in Italian. They are not finished, I still have to add the translation. Milano1, Milano2, Milano3, Milano4 and Milano5. (they are on the last line; the page is half done, I need to add the buttons)

I have also added 5 quizzes on Italy. You will find them under 'extra' and 10 tongue twisters in Italian.

9th September 2007

2 more files in the KS4 familia: los amigos and los animales.

Here are some 'charades' <.

Here is the first of 4 stories: Rond-Rond le petit cochon <(I am still working on it, so there will be some changes)

Second story: Le petit nuage noir. <

I am working on a section on planets, here is the first one: Le système solaire<, more to come...: les jeux <(a quiz and a true or false), les planètes< and the first activity on 'stars'. I have also added a Noughts and crosses on useful vocab (under 'les jeux'). Le soleil et la lune<. It will all come together at the end!

I have added one more Voki onto ré mi.

Here is an activity (listening) on vegetarianism <.

August 2007: Unique visits: 20 512 and Hits: 86 720

Have a lovely summer holidays!

July 2007: Unique visits: 68 203 and Hits: 517 827

Before the summer holidays!


I have started uploading a few things in this section: KS4 la ciudad: la mitad, mi dormitorio, la casa nueva, los pisos, describe, los muebles. More to come this weekend: la casa, la ciudad, podemos. Also the noughts and crosses, wordsearch and match are done. And the last ones: habla, the multiple choice and half a min. There is only one not done yet.

Here is one more section in the KS2 Italiano: Abito, if you find mistakes, please let me know.

I have now started to add a few files on this section, they have not been checked so you might find mistakes: Las vacaciones :

Half a Min !, los países, el serpiente, la maleta, 10 palabras, el conserje, el diario, Grade or no Grade, Fling the teacher the games (nc, ws and match) and the multiple choice. Let me know if you find mistakes. Thanks.

I've added a few recordings on 'Language in the classroom' on , I hope they can be useful for someone. I have also added 'les faux-amis' and 2 files on 'la prononciation'.

I've added a quiz on les capitales on Let me know what you think!

June 2007: Unique visits: 101 423 and Hits: 732 884

24th June 2007

I have added a few more activities this weekend: 'Las vitaminas' and a quiz to revise 'la cantidad' . I have quite a few more things under construction which I will link this week.

I also have quite a few corrections to make this week. Thanks for letting me know when you find mistakes or broken links.

Here are a few things on Le Tour de France, it is not much but the video is great and the official map could be quite useful. I only made the quiz...

I have done these activities: el trabajo (vocab), blockbuster, Noughts and Crosses, half a min and match are done.

This section is done for now: KS4 el colegio (one quiz missing)

I am uploading a few things in this section this week: El tiempo libre: la televisión, Blockbuster , una entrevista and el fútbol. Here are the noughts and crosses, the match, Half a Min and the wordsearch. Also these: una invitación, unas disculpas and podríamos, el fin de semana, paso... y el serpiente. (I hope you don't find too many mistakes)

Posso presentare (KS2) has a few things on.

Also this section 'le date' in the Italian part of the site is almost done. Just one more activity to do.

17th June 2007 :

I have started this section: Los medios de comunicación:les películas, los dientes, the nought and crosses, match and el tiempo. Horóscopo and una entrevista are also done.

I've added a few Voki to atantot2, great tool for anyone to do listening activities!


10th June 2007 :

Here is an activity to revise role-plays (shopping) in Spanish. ( I will have to redo the speaking part of is not loud enough )

I have also done this activity : Der Fehler (Sport)

I have redone the 2 listening activities on les courses, I tried it today in class and we could not hear anyting! KS4courses (poste et écoute)

I've added a few more Penalty shootout in the German section: Der Zug, Andenken (easy) and weil/wo/wenn, Hausordung and also Medien.

I have also started the section on Starter and Plenary in Spanish but I am adding only the penalty shootout right now.

I have also added 2 more files in the Familia (KS4): NC and a Quiz and Half a min. Las tareas is still under construction, I hope you don't find too many mistakes... I've also done 'la mitad' , 'los colores' and 'el cerebro'. If you find any mistakes, let me know.


3rd June 2007 :

La comida < is done.

I've added this one too: Mi salud (3 tenses) <

I've added a few more activities under KS2 Sport: grade or no grade , fling the teacher and the wordsearch. I've also added the file on 'der Fehler'< and 'die Schlange'<.

We are working on 'las compras' and 'la familia' in the KS4 section over half term. I will link them asap.

Here are the files that have uploaded sofar in the Familia section: los problemas <, el árbol genealógico< , las tareas (2) , los amigos (soon)

I have added a few Half a min on grammar here: ks3grammatik< : Verben, ge-verbs, present tense and sein / haben.

This section is still under construction but there are quite a few files done: Las compras

An activity to revise the clothes: la boule de cristal <

and one to revise the animals: le magicien< and a Half a Min< et la boule de cristal<. Die Glaskugel< , Half a Min< and der Zauberer< and la bola de cristal< Half a Min< and el mago< on animals.

Here is an activity to revise how to form the present tense < in Spanish. (I have started to add a few things in the Gramática section but I am no way near finished!)

Ser o estar< : one more activity in the Gramática section (KS3)

What are you afraid of? La peur noire

I have finally done these 2 activities...: 'La poste et écoute' <

May 2007: Unique visits: 99 672 and Hits: 752 003

20th May 2007 :

A song to learn the verb 'aller'. <

I have done this activity for my Year 11...last minute revision for the GCSE: Question words

Attention! This activity might offend was for my Year 8...long story...I have uploaded it but if you think it is too stupid, please ignore it... A vos souhaits <

I needed a map of the métro to use with the textbook.... it is very basic but I just needed some visual aids to explain how it works before I start pulling my hair! Le métro <

A few pictures of Paris: Paris. <

A few expressions on 'transports'.<

Here is an activity to revise vocab on sport, it is quite fast! Was ist das?< Qu'est-ce que c'est? < ¿Qué es eso? <

I have also added a few more things under Sport (German and Spanish) this is page 2, there are still some links not connected yet. I will do them this week.

We are now working on this section KS4 la comida, I will link the page this week.

13th May 2007:

Les moyens de transport (vocab only) < , Multiple choice<, Match -up< and a Half a Min<.

Verkehrsmittel (vocab only) <

L'iceberg< on where do you live?

I have uploaded this song again and put it under ks2 J'habite instead. Dans ma maison < and I ahve also added it to 'chansons'.

My first 'Walk the plank' on où habites-tu? <

Here is my first Venn diagram on adjectives.< It is just a trial....

Another trial...Mimi et Pépé en vacances. Could this be of any use to anyone? I haven't decided yet, where I will put it... so the green button on the first page does not work!

I have started to add a few things under ABC Spanish < . Not all buttons work yet.

We are working on La salud in the KS4 section at the moment. Half a min on la salud. I've just added a Match-up to this section and noughts and crosses. Most of the activities are now ready. Only las vitaminas and el dietético to do.

If you find any mistakes, please let me know.

8th May 2007

Here is an activity to answer the questions 'are you fit' with 3 tenses: ma santé. <

An activity to revise how to say the date. It can also be used in all sorts of ways: unjumble the months, today's date, burthday, years... l'anniversaire <

Das Chamäleon< and el camaleón< are now done and I also added a Half a Min for both languages. (see page 2 of colours)

Here is the lottery activity in Spanish < and in German < .

Here is the birthday activity in German < and Spanish <.

A few exercises to revise the use of the accusative (German) with commons verbs. The accusative<

April 2007: Unique visits: 48 649 and Hits: 290 261

30th April 2007 :

La loto <: an activity to revise and learn numbers 20 - 31.

Le génie dans la bouteille<: an activity to revise the 'conditionel'.

I've added a Half a Min on colours (French) and also a second page <to this section.

Here is an activity to revise the use of DA - words <in German.

Another activity to revise 'wo' <as a linking word and also 'wenn' < . Also I will add a Grade or no Grade< on word order with 'wo', 'weil' and 'wenn'.


22nd April 2007 :

You will need a username and password to view the new files.

Here is a starter to revise subjects and opinions. L'iceberg <

A file I used with my year 9 on ow to form negative sentences. La négation <

I have added a Grade or no grade < on 'problems at the hotel' (Spanish)

An activity to revise the colours: Le caméléon<

March 2007: Unique visits: 185 316 and Hits: 1 234 975

31st March 2007

Le corbeau et le renard. La cigale et la fourmi. Le lièvre et la tortue < (the recording is not done yet) (Fables de De La Fontaine)

We are working on the 'El tiempo libre' at the moment. I have linked it from here but it has not been corrected so you might find loads of mistakes. Sorry!

I am also working on 'Los alojamientos', I will try to do as much as I can this weekend.

I've uploaded a file on 'le futur simple'< I used with my Year 10.

Felices Pascuas is done.

17th March 2007:

I have uploaded a few things on Ostern and we will try to do the Spanish version this week.

I have done a song to pratice the days of the week. Les jours de la semaine <

There are a few more activities in the 123 sections, all 3 languages.

Here is an activity to revise the weather and the sports. (Half a Min)

I added a few Half a min in the Grammatik section, on verbs.

Here is an activity to revise spelling of sport in French <, I will do it in German and Spanish too this weekend.

Combien de fois? <A very simple activity to revise how to say how many times a week you do a certain sport.

I have added a new page to KS2 sport (French) with a few more activities.

I have also added a few more activities in the KS2 me llamo section and the la familia in the family section.

Sentence structure: first one (it takes for ever to do...) Moi.

One more file on descriptions: Les fiches d'identité. <

8th March 2007 :

Coping with problems at the restaurant: Au resto

Here is one more activity to practice numbers 1-20 in German: Fische <and the French version: Poisson<, the Spanish Pescado<...

4th March 2007

I have done this activity to revise the endings of ER verbs in the present tense. Le robot.<

I am resaving the French role-plays, you will not need to download Microsoft viewer anymore to view them.

I have added an activity to revise the numbers 1-10, very simple but I hope it is useful for anyone (especially primary!) Les martiens <I have also rearranged a few things in the 123 (French, German and Spanish) sections. I added a few files and activities. Some button are not linked yet, I still need to finish the files.

I've added some dice< (created by Dan Bunker) to the game bar in the NEW section.

La moda is now finished...I will add some more activities in the Spanish section this week.

February 2007: Unique visits: 121 535 and Hits: 735 568

25th February 2007 :

I have also redone the German role-play and will do the French ones soon. If you spot any errors , let me know and I will change them asap.

I have solved the Schnappi mystery! Here is a song I recorded...yes it is my voice but with the help of Audacity and its many effects I changed everyting! Enjoy! Ma semaine

More songs: mon sandwich et le golfeur , en été et en hiver

We are working on KS3 las direcciones (not finished yet) I have added one activity under La moda and will work on this one this week. I am trying to do as much as possible on the KS3 Spanish this week. If you find any mistakes please let us know.

I have just uploaded the section on Valentinstag (KS2 > Wann).

This section is now done: La comida (KS3)

I have done the Spanish version of 'family fortune' <

3rd February 2007 :

I am trying to link all the activities I have done lately and never got time to link to the site, so there might not be that many new activities this week.

We have uploaded a few activities in this section, but there are a few more to come: KS3 Transporte

KS3 el cuerpo, I have uploaded 9 activities here but I am sure more will be added later on!

Here are 2 activities to revise the use of Would in German: Multiple choice< and a speaking or writing task<.

A song to practice j'ai mal. <

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25th January 2007 :

Here is an activity I wanted to do for quite a while: ABC <

Here is a Half a Min on Unterkunft <

The section on 'El colegio' is done.

This section is done: Descripciones *I sitll need to change a few mistakes in the games...

I've finished the 'fling and Grade' on the Italian section of

Here are 2 activities to revise parts of the face: Half a min< and dessine<. (I will need to redo the KS3 corps links)

12th January 2006

The only thing I have done this year is on atantot-extra. I have now finished the Spanish section and I am working on the Italian section. So far the activities that are completed are: NC, Search, Bananas, Speed, Unjumble, Match, alien and jigword.

Here is a Blankety Blank <on opinions (for Year 7 + school subjects) and one on the future tense<. Also a NC on the verb aller. I will link them this weekend.

The Spanish section 'En el aula ' is almost done, we just need to add the recordings to one file.

Here is a Half a Min< on subjects for my year 7!

An activity to introduce the word WEIL. <

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Joyeux Noël! Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad!

I have just finished the French and the German sections on

A starter I tried with my Year 11 and they loved it: Die Bands , Les groupes <

Here is first definitions games: Les métiers<

Weihnachten: Half a min

I have uploaded a few more files here: KS4 Freizeit.

I have just done my first Half a Min and this is another absolutely fanstastic game from contentgenerator. When I get a minute (!!!), I will start making more of these... I am sure my pupils will love them as much as they love all other games from contentgenerator. Here is the first one: Les descriptions

I've added 2 more files to KS4 essen : das Geschirr, Quantität and Rollenspiele. This section is done for now.

I will try to finish this section this week: KS4 Berufe: Orte , Spiele , Fling the teacher.

OTHER SITES: I've added more videos and an MP3 from my year 8 (rendez-vous) on and a few activities and games on

8th December 2006:

A 'Grade or no Grade' , a Fling the teacher and a Penalty shootout to revise descriptions for my Year 7.

I am working on this section today: KS4 Les courses: I have quite a few things to add so keep having a look to see what's new. There are only a few files for the moment: J'ai perdu , au marché et les vêtements! I've added 2 files on shops (les magasins), place your cursor over the picture to find the translation. And finally the role-plays and the bank. I still have the post office and the listening activity to do...

Here is a simple activity to revise some countries: Les pays <(will be under Ks4 vacances)

Here is another of my silly files.... Les couleurs <( my favourite couleur is 'orange' but I also like green...)

I will add a few things on 'Headlines' to the German section this week. Here is an activity to learn a bit of vocab and a game: Grade or no grade on 'Headlines'.

I am doing a new section called: l'échange scolaire<. Here is an activity to revise how to ask questions with 'Est-ce que je peux...?' and an activity to describe photos of your life! There will be 4-5 more soon.

I've also added a Grade or no Grade and a Fling the teacher on prepositions with countries and towns. You will find them under KS4vacances2 . I still need to add a button there... I still have to add a match and a multiple choice to this section.

1 December 2006:

I've added a few more things under KS4 loisirs. Here is a listening on arranging to go out: Un rendez-vous, and a few other activities : le serpent , L'interview de la semaine , le week-end , plus long.

I've added a few games on 'headlines' in German.<

I have added a second page to KS4 vacances .

I will be working on this page this week: KS4 loisirs, here is the first activity: On pourrait...? , des excuses, une invitation.<

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18th November 2006:

I added a file on 'Les quantités' nad a quiz on 'les aliments' to the KS4 nourriture section. This section is done for now.

I am redoing a KS3 section.....I put some files that should be in an other section so bare with me, the KS3 logements will have to be redone...Here is an activity to revise 'complaints', a role-play to reserve a room and a letter to reserve a room, 3 noughts and crosses and quite a few more. The section ks3 Logements is done.

Here is an activity to revise the animals: Ecoute.

I have linked some of the pages I had done before to KS4 vacances, but I am working on a few more (page 2) which should be ready by the end of the week.

Daily routine in the past tense: La vieille routine...<

Welcome on board! Air A tantôt!<

10 November 2006

I am doing the members of the family with my year 7 at the moment and here is my starter: Les membres de la famille.<

A Penalty shootout on 'la routine journalière'.

I added a song to revise the numbers 1-20 in French and 'le rap de l'alphabet français' !!!<

I have added a few activities to this section: Ma ville (KS4). I've added the second page where you can find activities to describe the bedroom: KS4 ville 2

I've added this one to KS4 Wohnort: Stock<

4th November 2006:

I had prepared this exercise last summer but never got the time to make it, so here it is: L'actualité<

Here is an other one that has been in my 'pad' for ages and I finally made it: Mon frère<

An activity to learn a few French idioms: Les idiomes (1) and les idiomes (2).<

A penalty shootout to revise the rooms of the house: Shootzimmer !

A grade or no grade to revise: Mon, ma, mes and s'appelle(nt).

I have finished the section KS4 le collège, but there are a few more things I need to add to it: l'uniforme et les règlements. They will be added later on.

October 2006: Unique visits: 78, 654 and Hits: 454, 299

During October 2006 half-term!

I finished the section on Halloween (French version). I have made a story up...first ever one! So don't laugh...

I am working on the Grammatik section and should have it done in a few days. I hope the activities can help your pupils (and mine!!!) Die Zukunft , Urlaubsplan , Präsens , adjectives , word order. I will have to add more activities and explanations to this list, I don't think it is enough... and a second page soon.

I have added music to all the MP3 files I did in September: you can listen to them and also download them from this website: . I have also added a few videos on this site:

I have finished the section on 'Verkehr' (KS3 German)

KS3 German is now done. I will start on KS4 French and German after half-term. Hopefully I wil be able to complete them before Christmas!

Die Mode: Modenschau , Accessoires , Klamotten , die Fragen , Für oder gegen? , NC , Quiz , Stil haben, Modeschöpfer and one more: In einer Reihe (blockbuster style).

Here is a song to learn the numbers 1-20 in German.<

20th October 2006:

A noughts and crosses on classroom instructions.

A song: Schololade<

This section is finished: KS3 Freizeit: Vocab , Wochenende , NC (verbs) , Video , grade and much more...(2 pages)

I know it is a bit early to think 'Christmas' but I finished the French calender< today.....

An other activity to revise the daily routine. <

3rd October 2006

My Year 9 are learning how to 'cope' with the German word order at the moment, here is an activity to practise it: Der Fehler< and a few NC on verbs : NC1 and NC2 and a short video on what you do at the weekend.

A Penalty shootout on reflexive verbs (present and past)

Les animaux: for KS4 and demi mot (les animaux)

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24th September 2006

Here is an activity to describe someone: Les vedettes.<

An activity to revise 'On peut...'

A recipe of Roeschti!

Beim Arzt / Gesundheit: a listening activity and a quiz (1)

15th September 2006

Here is a section on role-plays (nourriture).

I have finished the section on Mein Praktikum.

Y 8 Verb revision!!! I cannot believe they forgot them! Also a NC on these same verbs...

One more grammar point: en, au , aux , à .

8th September 2006

I am changing quite a few links, so if you find a broken link, please let me know.

I am working on 3 sections at the moment: KS4 Métiers , KS4 Berufe and will add a few things on KS3 Freizeit soon.

I added one more activity on films: Ks4 Média les films 2.

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2nd September 2006:

I have now done the section on 'European Day of Languages', you can find the activities here:

I have finished this section: KS3 Im Klassenzimmer.

I am now working on this section: KS3 Richtungen: Rollenspiele , Fragen , oben / unten , der Bus , Info , NC , der Stadtplan , richtig oder falsch? , links (under construction).

I have rearranged some of the activities under: KS3 Körper, there is now a second page.

I am working on KS3 Freizeit at the moment.

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23rd July 2006:

An activity to revise the prepositions and furniture: La souris , el ratón , die Maus ,

Here is a spotlight on 'Transport' , les animaux , les pièces ,

I will be working on this week and will try to do as much as I can in the French and Spanish sections.

Done this week:

* French: Grade or no grade

* French: Alien

* French: Fling

* French: N & C (noughts and crosses)

* French: Search (wordsearch)

* French: Quiz / Bananes

* Spanish: Grade or no grade

* Spanish: Fling

16th July 2006:

KS2 Spanish is done for now. There are only a few things to do in the 'las fechas' section.

KS2 los deportes: ¿Te gusta ? , Tile Tap , NC , multiple-choice , quiz , vocab , yo , wordsearch , me gusta .

The section KS2 la ropa is now done: vocab , acierta , las sílabas , NC , uniforme , quiz , la serpiente , el espía , verdad.

I finished : KS2 quisiera

I have done some activities under KS2 Las fechas, only the files on Easter and Valentin are not done. I will do them nearer the time.

KS2 mi Familia : NC and WS , el arból , yo , se llama , Grade or no grade. The 2 other files will be done soon.

¿Dónde vives? Done: NC , WS , la región , las habitaciones , preposiciones , la ciudad , mi dormitorio , mi casa , fling , match-up quiz .

8 July 2006:

KS2 German is done, but I am sure I will find some more activities to add to it later on.

These sections are now done: KS2 Sport and KS2 möchte

I am now working on this section: KS2 Ich wohne... . The first page is done but I need to add the second page: Präpositionen,

This section is done : KS2 meine Familie.

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30 June 2006:

I think I have now completed KS3 French...but there might be a few broken links...if you find something not finished, please e-mail me. I will now be working on KS2 then KS3 German:

KS2 Wann: NC , Wordsearch (days of the week) , Jahreszeiten, I will do Valentinstag and Ostern nearer the time.

KS2 Ich stelle mich vor is done.

I have now completed the section: KS3 loisirs

Please let me know if you find mistakes, I have found so many lately...that shows that I need a holiday!

I have done only a few activities for the section on KS3 la classe: Vocab , NC , Wordsearch , mots coupés , dans mon sac , J'ai oublié , un /une , je n'ai pas de , vrai ou faux.

I've also done this one, a speaking activity: Décris ton sac.< (it's a timer)

Grade or no Grade: Freizeit and the same questions for a penalty shootout: Freizeit

Les médias: à la une : NC , Tile Tap , Grade or no grade , Penalty shootout

23 June 2003...Ofsted is over...

Es tut weh<, Wo tut es weh?< , Die Körperteile< (label) , der Kopf <.

Les projets de vacances: mes vacances , projets , Multiple choice , le week-end , Quand + weather , Grade or no Grade (météo) , Ecoute: la météo / quand ,

KS3 Freizeit: Hobbys (listening)

17th June 2006

KS2 Français is now done. I am sure I will be adding a few more pages to it in the future but for now, all sections have 9 + activities.

New activities for the KS2 je voudrais section: NC , Quiz , à la boulangerie , des souvenirs , wordsearch on souvenirs , Grade or no grade: souvenirs and le burger.

I have also added 2 activities on KS2 les dates; NC and WS .

I have done this activity for the J'habite KS2 section: vrai ou faux

Here is an other song to annoy my year famille....and a listening activity to learn some vocab on famille.

An activity to revise the weather and the tenses: la météo.

Les desserts (KS3 nourriture) les entrées and le plat principal are done.

10 June 2006

KS3 Grammaire: verbs with être in the past tense , info on past tense and activities , info on future tense , l'avenir , Le présent (bucket) , le présent and the linking words. There will be a second page with a few more grammar points.

Grade or no grade: Was für eine Person bist du? , Paris

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27th May 2006

I have uploaded a few more activities in the German section of (the noughts and crosses, the wordsearch and some fling the teacher)

I am working on this section today: ks3 Beschreibung, it should be finish this weekend.

I've done this one for my y 7 and it had to have a pheasant! les meubles de la chambre

I have now done the activity on the England's team: French and German.

Here are 2 'Grade or no Grade' games: der Zug and les meubles.


22nd May 2006

I have added a few things to the KS2 j'habite section.

13th May 2006

All activities have been uploaded for KS4 Schule

Here are some activities for :

Lost property in German: multiple choice

Beschreibungen: multiple choice

La mode: multiple choice

En ville: multiple choice , match-up

May 2006

Here are 2 activities I did as starters: NC on aller and Fling on past tense (German).

These are the sections under construction and the list of activities done so far:

KS4 métiers : Vocab , Devine , C'est quel métier? , typique? Blockbuster , NC: métiers , endroits

KS4 collège :Plus long , Journée , Chapeau , Fling (vetements: to go to KS3mode)

KS4 Berufe : typisch , das Interview , Rate mal! , blockbuster

KS4 Schule : warum , Routine , Hats , Alien , Fächer , Penalty , Fling , besser , NC , die Schulregeln , Multiple-choice on Schuluniform (I will add a few more later on)

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April 2006

La Coupe du Monde: I have started uploading the files, a few are still under construction.

I will be adding a few Hangman to A tantot and atantot-extra this weekend, here is an example, let me know what you think, I think it is the best hangman around, and no I did not do it! I wish! There are no accents though... The Spanish Hangman are now done.

I have redone the files on Quebec and Louisiane (under Extra). They can take a few minutes to download, they are quite big.

I will be adding a few things on town this week, here is one but I need to redo it with more details. Où habites-tu? , les trous.

I uploaded a few things under the section 'Les métiers' but it is not finished. The 2 modules I am doing until the end of the school year are 'school and career', so both of them should be done before the end of the year, in French and in German: Schulfächer: warum, Hangman (Fächer / Schule), Hangman (les vêtements)

Here are a few advice you should follow when travelling... Le concierge (French), Der Portier (German) and if anyone would like it in Spanish, I have it too!

I have linked some of the activities from Les loisirs to the site and added a few games: Les loisirs.

I have now done the NC and les vitamines in the ks4 santé section.

Das Frühstück is now done (ks4 essen) and das Picknick.

I've added a few more things to the KS4 nourriture section but I still have to do a few more.


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31st March 2006:

Here is an activity to say what you do when + weather. Quand

These activities are not yet linked back to the site.

Here is an other activity for los colores: ¡señalas!

German version: Zeig mal! and the French version: Pointe!

A few more things for : los animales: el ojo, guess the animal, la cerradura , blockbuster , a wordsearch and a noughts and crosses.

I added a new page for 'Die Umwelt' with a few more activities.

I have finished the section on role-plays: Einkaufen.

Ma santé: here are a few more activities for this topic: Match-up quiz , a penalty shoot-out and a Guess the teacher's sentence.

I will be sorting out the Loisirs and Freizeit sections this week, I haven't finished them but I am working on them. Here is an other activity : la phrase and a penalty shoot-out.

24th March 2006

I have now completed the activity on 'Flags' from the World Cup section.

I have done the Pâques <section.

I am working on this activity for the GCSE revision since I have only a few more lessons with my y11 before the speaking exam! Einkaufen there are only 4 done.

Here is an activity to practice sentence structure, thank you MFLresources! Der Satz!

La santé: I have uploaded a few activities about the health: bon ou mauvais, countdown, expressions with QUE, la sante , expressions with POUR , au secours a guide to healthy eating, and a few games.

Le restaurant chez Pépé! (to practice role-plays at the restaurant)

I have done a few more things for the Spanish section: los colores , animales domésticos, en la granja, and en el parque zoológico.

17th March 2006

Here are a few more activities for the food (KS3) J'aime, Je préfèrerais, les opinions, les mots coupés , la pizza , un sandwich et la récré.

Haustiere for GCSE: ideas for the speaking exam a syllable search and a penalty shootout.

Tiere (KS2) I have now uploaded the files on 'auf dem Bauernhof' ,'im Zoo', schnell , rate mal, Schlüsselloch and nach und nach.

My first 'Fling the teacher' (Umwelt) and a match up quiz on 'Umwelt'.

12th March 2006

Here an activity to practice how to order in a restaurant. I hope you like it...I do... Im Restaurant

I have started to add a few files under KS3 nourriture (légumes, fruits, la viande, l'épicerie et les boissons). La nourriture

and a few games NC1 NC2 WS1 WS2

Here is the first activity for KS3 loisirs: Complète

I will try this one too! l'aérobic

Football 2006 in German, still under construction...

5th March 2006

I am working on the food section both at ks3 and ks4 in French and German,here is the first one done: German Vocab.

I have found a superb site 'Gasthaus Bräukeller' and made a worksheet to go with it. You can find the link under 'Internet Projects' (German) from the main page of atantot.

Here is a pizza and a list of opinions on food, and 3 other files to talk about food: gern, lieber and in der Pause.

I have started to add a few things onto the KS4 essen but more will come soon. Here is an activity that can be used in the past or future: Im Kühlschrank and a quiz.<

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26th February 2006:

An activity to practice I would prefer in German (Year 8) Ich würde lieber...

Une devinette (KS4famille).<

Here is an activity where pupils need to work out which film it is: les films

International food, which dish is it? Les mets exotiques.

I am working on the KS3 essen und trinken section and most of the links do not work. I will try to do them asap.

I have down 2 activities to revise some vocabulary: Les vêtements and Die Möbel

I have done a few more in the Spanish section: KS2llamo

12th February 2006

Here is the section on Modal verbs: Modalverben

I've just uploaded an activity for adjective endings (French), but I haven't linked it to the site yet. Adjectives

I have done a few more activities for the house: Zimmer, Haus.

I will be uploading a few more things on food and will link them this weekend. Kantine, NC, Wordsearch.

My new toy! This is the German version: Penalty <and the French version: Penalty. <

4th February 2006

I have finished the section on clothes: KS2Kleidung<

Here is the BBQ in German: KS2mochte<

I've uploaded a few activities on 'La Saint-Valentin'<. They are not just for KS2.

I have also uploaded a few more things under KS2de: die Welt, Europa and Wie geht's.<

I have made an activity to revise numbers 1-69. Pupils need to get 4 in a row. 123row

And added a new section on KS3 Grammatik: the past

You have probably already noticed that a new section has been added to the menu...Spanish. I am working on the KS2 section for now. Please don't expect it to be finished soon!!!

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27th January 2006

I have now finished the section on clothes for KS2, some of the activities will be too hard. I will be using them with my Year 7 and probably Year 8-9-10 and 11!!!!! HA!


I am working on this section at the moment: KS3 Grammatik it is not completed and it will take me a while before the whole thing is done, but I'll keep you posted.

I have also done a speaking activity for my y7, where they had to ask a question and answer with J'aime / je n'aime pas + opinions. ks3collegetuaimes.

Here is an activity I am working on, it is to describe the bedroom (German). KS4wohnortzimmer. I have a few more things to do on it for this week.

19th January 2006

I am also working on this section, it will be finished soon.


and I added an other activity to learn the numbers.


and a few snakes and ladders / quiz for Wohnort.


15th January 2006

I am working a several sections at the moment, I will add activities as I go along:



Weihnachtsmarkt in Köln (a bit late but finally done...)

8th January 2006

I have added a new 'unjumble the sentence' in the Wirrwarr 2 section (Starters and Plenaries).


Hits in December 2005: 9 883

21st December 2005

The section on 'je me présente' (KS2) is now done: ks2presente

I have uploaded the 5 'Qui veut des millions' (under Extra)


18th December 2005

This has been a long month....but the site is back....finally.

I have been doing a few things on the site but my time was spent on the phone trying to sort out the domain transfer and the new hosting co.

Under KS2, I have redone 'le monde' , l'Europe and 'ça va'.

The other file I have redone is: ks3 les descriptions.

27th November 2005

I have made a few activities for Christmas, the Noel section is done, but I will add a few more songs nearer the time.

I will be using this activity to encourage my pupils to write more details:


KS4 Wohnort is now done.




20th November 2005

An activity to say why you look like someone in your family...or your pet!


The German section on Familie is now done:


My year 8 have recorded the Routine song: chansons

I have added a few more things under 'Medien': Wetter and Horoskope , and these 2 files to practice their speaking skills and their grammar understanding.



The 'Postkarten' are finally done.



16th November 2005

I have uploaded a few more things on 'Medien'


I am redoing this section at the moment, quite a few activities are not ready yet.


Here is an other activity to revise the names of some animals.


I have uploaded a few things on chores in French and in German:






30th October 2005

I've added a link to the blockbusters. Click on the yellow shape or go to I am also working on the section 'essen' under KS4. I've done a few videos during the German exchange! There is a broken link, I'll sort it out this week.

15th October 2005

I am working on this section this week: KS3 Unterkunft and I have uploaded a few things:

A quiz and a noughts and crosses.

At the campsite:

An activity to revise the question words:

Book a room at the hotel:

A listening to practice booking a room:

One of the many German songs I will be uploading. This one is 'Musik', performed by 2 of my 'great singers' and myself... We made a video of it, with dance moves and hats. Everytime we watch it we laugh and laugh!


7th October 2005

La Tunisie:

Here is an activity to describe your family:

I have started to do the Wirrwarr 2 (under S/P). There is only one done. I will try to add one a week!

The section on 'Gesundheit' is now finished. I added a countdown activity to revise the vocabulary:

and a grammar activity to revise the word order and expressions with 'um...zu'.

Here are 2 new activities to revise the alphabet:

2nd October 2005

I have uploaded a few more things in the 'Gesundheit' section:

Vitamine, N&C , Gesund, 'dass' , Gesundheit and the quiz.

28th September 2005

I have uploaded 2 videos (German) about holidays. Pupils need to copy the questions then watch the videos.

I've also added 2 quizzes to revise the past tense:

Here are 2 more activities to revise the topic on holiday:

I have started the setion on 'health' and should be adding quite a few activities this week.

A song to revise the alphabet (in French):

16th September 2005

I am working on a few starters for the European Day of Languages. I have done the 'capitals', the 'people', the 'flags', the 'food' and one activity under 'languages'. I will be working on the other sections this week. I hope I will be able to finish them all by the 26th! Click on the logo to go to the main page.

11th September 2005

I have made a 'snakes and ladders' game, but did not know where to put it since you can use it for any topics, so I decided to put a link to the game here! Click on the snake to play the game. To start a new game, click on the 'refresh' button.

I've also added a 'the weakest link' sort of game...please let me know if it makes sense! To start the game click on the 'Euro' sign.

3rd September 2005

Here is the section on Mali. You can find it under 'Extra', 'La Francophonie', no. 5.

An other exercise to practice how to describe someone. (It is no. 2)

13th August 2005

I have started to put a few exercises under 'Internet Projects'. I have uploaded 3 French activities that I use every year at the end of the year when we can book ICT suites.

I have only uploaded two in the German section. This is a lovely hotel by the way!

I have now finished the 4 activities under 'Les saisons' (KS2 Les dates), click on the trees to find the activities:


6th August 2005

All 5 'REBUS' are now done, you can find them under 'Les images en folie'.

An other activity to revise vocabulary (and plural):

Here is an activity to revise how to ask questions:

A new version of 'The Bucket' (past tense)

15 July 2005


I have redone this section and will do the German version over the Summer....

Here are a few things to use 'Je voudrais':

I am also redoing the files on KS4 Média:

10 July 2005

Here are a few activities to introduce and revise the weather and also a snowman to dress up! I am not too sure why I was thinking of snow while it is so hot here!!!!!!!

2 July 2005

A writing or speaking activity on holidays:

An activity to revise the spelling of words with accents:

Now that I know how to do drag and drop, here is another one I have been working on for a week! None of these activities are linked back to the site yet.

I got the idea from a great little book called: It makes you think! (creating engagement, offering challenges) from Barry Jones and Ann Swarbrick. You will need sound...

Here it is! My first ever DRAG AND DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 July 2005 (Canada Day!)

The activity to revise vocabulary.

Some German signs from Cologne:


And some shops. The section on 'Einkaufen' is now finished.

26th June 2005

Here is a speaking activity, a bit different and hopefully interesting!

18th June 2005

Here is an activity I have tried to do for a while: through the keyhole. It is not linked back yet.

A speaking activity for KS4:

This is a spelling activity:

I started to put a few things under KS2: J'habite. ( I will need to sort out the KS2 j'habite and the KS3 logements, some activities are not at the right place...)

10th June 2005

An activity to revise some pets. It is not linked back to the site yet!

2 activities to revise vocab on accomodation and activities during holidays.

4th June 2005

Here is the house.

A vocabulary activity for KS4 and above:

Here is a great calculator:

27th May 2005

Here is an activity I meant to upload for a while:

I wasn't too sure if I should put this one on or y. 7 found it very fast!!!!

The section on fashion is now finished. The German version will come later.

Here is a song from my Y. 7 (French) and a few activities to revise the colours in French and in German.

2oth May 2005:

I have done only 4 activities under 'logements' but I have finally made my first 'Blockbuster'.....:

The section on 'transport' is now finished:

I am working on the German 'transport' section:

Here is my new need to prepare some questions in advance:

Here are 2 more blockbusters:



An 'other' memory game:

8th May 2005

I put a few activities here:

'Transport' is now done:

A speaking activity:

2nd May 2005

The 5 'Spass mit Bildern' are now done:

I have only one activity done in the 'signs' section:

I have uploaded this ex. but will try it out only in a few weeks with my year 10 :



24th April 2005

I finished the post cards:

KS2 Sports:

I finally finished the " Schlange"....


If you find any mistakes please let me know, I would also love some comments and/ or feedback on how you find the activities and if they worked!