How to use this site.

Technical requirements and specification: any PC with soundcard and broadband connection, display resolution 1024x768, Macromedia Flash player. You can download the Flash player here.

You do not require any special Whiteboard software to use the site.

Accessibility and Navigation: You will find 2 different types of pages on the site. Ones where you have to scroll down the page. Most of the new pages now have a button on the bottom right hand side of the screen to go to the next page and the bottom left hand side button will take you back to the menu.

Some pages have sound. If you see a small ear, click on it to listen to the recording.

The role-play section is done with Microsoft Power Point. To start the slide show, click on 'slide show' on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There are a few more Power Point exercises on the site and they all work the same way.

The videos. I have added some explanations on how to use the videos in class. Pupils first need to copy the questions in their exercise book, then click on the right hand side button to go to the video.


If you have any questions or problems, contact me.